Martians, Angels, and Resurrections

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My faith in Jesus is based on the NT, and there I have “thrown out” very little. I accept that the birth stories are doubtful, I accept that there are discrepancies in accounts, but the basic picture of Jesus as a teacher, healer, exorcist, prophet, Messiah, and representative of God on earth, who was seen in vision after his death and quickly worshiped as divine, is well supported by scholars of all stripes. Non-believing scholars like Bart Ehrman (I have just finished reading his book on the subject) say he was an apocalyptic prophet who evoked a strong response. Believing scholars say he was that, but divine as well, and that the visions were real. I believe the latter is true.


The bodily resurrection of Jesus claim does not sound strange to persons who have grown up in Christian areas of the world like the US and Australia because it is part of our culture. But ask an educated person in Japan what they think of the claim that a dead man came back to life sporting a superhero-body that could teleport between cities and walk through locked doors and they will look at you like you are an absolute idiot.

Dear Christian: Substitute any other spectacular supernatural claim for the bodily resurrection of Jesus in the Jesus story and you will see just how much a stretch of the imagination this claim really is. Regardless of what UnkleE and other Christians claim, it is NOT a reasonable conclusion to believe that this event happened!

Let’s substitute the original Resurrection story with this claim: Four books written several decades after Jesus’ death all claim the following: the body of Jesus is placed in Joseph of Arimathea’s tomb. On Sunday morning, the women and all eleven of the disciples show up to the Tomb and find a group of little green Martians prying away the rock slab in front of the tomb, they enter the tomb, then a few minutes later, they walk out with the body of Jesus, and finally, they and the body slowly levitate up into the spaceship, to fly off at the speed of light.

Another book written a few decades later claims that the space ship, with the little green Martians made a quick stop in a nearby city before flying off to Mars. As the door to the space ship opens, a supernatural Jesus walks out in a glowing white robe, gives the Great Commission to 500 people, and then the spaceship flies off never to be seen again. The book even lists the names of these 500 witnesses and their addresses!!! All other evidence presented for the Jesus Story is the same.

Would you believe that this Martian body snatching happened?

Of course not.

So why do you believe a story that another type of non-earthly being, called “angels”, took the body or at least were present when the body of Jesus supernaturally exited his sealed tomb????  There is no evidence for the existence of Martians or angels other than the claims of a few wild-eyed fanatics.  I suggest we not believe any stories that claim to involve either one of these extraterrestrials.

It is a tall tale.

It is NOT reasonable to believe this story.


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