Are Skeptics Being Unreasonable for not Accepting the Evidence for the Resurrection?

Here is something for Christians to think about. Are we skeptics of the resurrection of Jesus really being unreasonable and biased or are we applying the same reason, logic, and skepticism to your Resurrection claim that we would apply to ANY very extra-ordinary claim, supernatural or natural? 

Christians, ask yourselves this question: Would you believe the reality of the very extra-ordinary supernatural claim listed at the bottom of this post, based on the following evidence:

1. Four anonymous books written 40-60 years after the alleged event are the only surviving detailed accounts of this story. In these stories, it is alleged that several dozen people witnessed this event.

 2. At least two of the authors of the four books describing this event in detail, copy/plagiarize large sections of the first book and it is possible that the author of the fourth book used the first book as a basic template for his story.

 3. Large numbers of people came to believe this story.

 4. Large numbers of people were willing to suffer persecution and death for their belief in this story.

Claim: A man was beamed up into an alien spaceship hovering several hundred feet off the ground; the spaceship then sped off at the speed of light.

Christians: I think that if you are honest, you will admit that you would not believe that a man had been abducted by space aliens by the above evidence, but yet you are irritated that we skeptics will not accept the same evidence for YOUR supernatural tale.


3 thoughts on “Are Skeptics Being Unreasonable for not Accepting the Evidence for the Resurrection?

  1. Christians outright reject that Muhammad flew to heaven on a winged horse … and there's over a Billion people that believe THIS happened as faithfully as christians believe the Jesus fairytale … they both can't be right … so why to reject ALL fantastic claims until there's evidence to support one over the other? … until then, withhold any/all judgement

    I know … too reasonable 😛


  2. Exactly.

    We skeptics cannot disprove the existence of the supernatural. However, since the evidence for the existence of the supernatural, so far, is so very poor, we recommend ignoring all supernatural claims until much better evidence is presented.

    Two thousand year old claims made by a small group of superstitious Galilean peasants of seeing the ghost of their recently departed friend do NOT cut it.


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