Eyewitness Testimony is not Sufficient Evidence for Very Extra-Ordinary Claims

Dear Readers:

 Consider this,

The overwhelming majority of educated people in the Western World today do not view eyewitness testimony as sufficient for very extraordinary claims.  To demonstrate this point, ask yourself if most educated people would believe the following claims based solely on alleged eyewitness testimony:

—an abduction by little green Martians in which the captive human spent three days on the Red Planet.
—the appearance of Abraham Lincoln to guests at a recent dinner party in which he ate broiled trout.
—a man levitated off the surface of the earth, without any mechanical assistance, and then flew off into the sunset at the speed of light, again without mechanical assistance.

Even if one thousand people claim to be eyewitnesses to these events, and even if their testimonies are relatively similar, the overwhelming majority of educated people are NOT going to believe these claims without extensive, additional evidence.

Eyewitness testimony is only considered sufficient for ordinary life events. 

When it comes to the alleged Resurrection,  Christians don’t even have eyewitness testimony for their very extra-ordinary (alleged) claim. They only have hearsay in four anonymous books.


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