A Conversation with Jesus about Hell

Dante’s Hell

Ask a modern, western Christian this question, “What type of punishment will non-believers suffer for rejecting Jesus as their Lord and Savior” and you will get a variety of answers.  Remarkably, however, unless you are speaking to a fundamentalist, most Christians today will not respond with “eternal damnation in a fiery Hell” as most of Christianity has taught for two millennia.  Many modern Christians will say that the punishment for non-believers will be something non-painful, such as eternal shame

So if my punishment for rejecting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior is simply a matter of the Christian god shaking his finger at me (and other non-believers) and saying,

“Shame on you for not reciprocating my love as I commanded you.”

I can deal with that.

I will respectfully respond by saying,

“Well, Jesus, if you had made yourself known to me personally, as you did to all the disciples and to Paul, then maybe I would have believed in you. But you didn’t. You only gave me a confusing holy book, unconfirmed claims of miracle cures, and a bunch of conservative Christians, the vast majority of whom in no way resemble your behavior and attitude on earth. So don’t blame me, blame yourself.”

I will not feel ashamed one bit.

However, if a sense of shame is forced upon me; something I have no control over; then that is a form of psychological torture. And if Jesus inflicts psychological torture on human beings for all eternity, or even just a few millennia, or just a few centuries, that is unjust and immoral by any standard of criminal justice in the western world.

The punishment does not fit the crime.

Jesus is either not the loving, just, merciful being that the Bible claims he is; he is a sadistic monster; or, the whole concept is a nonsensical superstition.

I’m going with superstition. 

I don’t believe that Jesus, the man, would ever torture another human being.


8 thoughts on “A Conversation with Jesus about Hell

  1. Gary,

    Please feel free to email me with your questions. I know I asked you not to do so in the past, but I was wrong. I was frustrated because I didn't think you were at all listening. So please accept my apology. If you want to discuss these issues I will.

    Jim Pierce


  2. I would like to give you a few thoughts about the topic of hell, Gary. First, the Bible doesn't really give us a picture of what hell itself looks like. What we know about it is that the person in hell is suffering. The “flames” of hell could be literal flames, or it may be that the unrighteous can't stand to be in the unmediated presence of God. Remember Moses and the veil? If we are exposed to the full glory of God and haven't been purified, then we will “burn.”

    More importantly though is that regardless of what is said to you, you will refuse to believe. You are in utter darkness at this time. I pray that you will once again come to know the peace and light of Jesus through His Holy word and the Sacraments.


  3. It is nice to hear from you, Jim, but since we last spoke, I am more convinced than ever that orthodox/traditional Christianity is nothing more than a superstitious cult and the only darkness which exists is that found in the fearful minds of those who believe in this ancient superstition.


  4. Gary, I just posted concerning some remarks concerning Ehrman, but I think since you are “beyond chatting” I will say no more. You know how to find me. I pray you will finally hear the Word of God and come to faith in Jesus Christ. Amen!


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