A Review of Craig Keener’s "Miracles", Part 9

Chapters 8 and 9 are full of miracle claims from Asia, Africa, and Latin America.  Some of the stories are absolutely amazing.  The lame walk; the blind see; the deaf hear; the dead come back to life…all due to prayers to the Christian God.

Here is Keener’s conclusion to Chapter 8:

” In chapter 7 I noted that from Africa, Asia, and Latin America, hundreds of millions of people claim to have witnessed or experienced miraculous healings… “  p. 308

Hundreds of millions!

We aren’t talking about a few hundred miracles, folks. We are talking about hundreds of millions of claimed miracles!  Yet…western medicine ignores these hundreds of millions of miracles and stubbornly plods on with painstakingly slow, methodical research based on the empirical method.  If they would only say a simple prayer to Jesus they could accomplish so much more, so much more quickly!

Dear Readers:  Do you really believe that western medicine is so arrogant, so stubborn, and so callously indifferent to the suffering of hundreds of millions of human beings worldwide that they would ignore and hand wave away these hundreds of millions of quick healings if there were even the slightest suggestion that prayer has the impact on global health that Mr. Keener wants us to believe it does?  Do you really believe that western medicine would refuse to spend the money to study the veracity of these hundreds of millions of claims if there was even a shred of good evidence to support them?  Do you really believe that western scientists and physicians hate the Christian God so much that they would turn their backs on hundreds of millions of suffering people?


There is no conspiracy in Science or in Medicine to defraud patients of a potentially beneficial treatment.  There is only one reason why western medicine and science does not pursue the power of miracle healings by prayer:  the evidence for these claims is pathetic!

Don’t buy into conspiracy theories, folks.  Don’t believe anecdotal claims of miracle cures, such as Keener’s story in chapter 8 that a young Indian girl fell out of a window one hundred feet up and when taken to the hospital, didn’t have a single scratch on her because “someone” invisible had caught her and prevented her from hitting the ground!  This is silly, superstitious nonsense, folks.  It is ignorant hysteria.  It is the same type of ignorant hysteria that is very likely to be the basis of the early Christian belief in the post death sightings of Jesus.

I will continue to read Keener until I finish his two volume work, but I sincerely hope that he will eventually provide some good medical documentation; documentation that we can all verify and investigate; for at least one of his miracle claims.


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