Missing Money from a Bank Vault and the Empty Tomb

Imagine if the police and the government operated within the worldview that supernatural beings can and do perform acts in our world that violate the laws of nature. Life would be chaos!

Here is an example: This past weekend the employees of Citizens Bank locked the bank vault and left for the weekend. On Monday, they opened the vault and found that $500,000 was missing. The police were called who performed a thorough investigation but could find no trace of a break in or of anything unusual in the vault. They next interviewed the employees. One by one the employees were cleared of any involvement in the disappearance of the money. Lastly, the police interviewed the bank manager. The bank manager is a devout Christian with a sterling reputation for honesty. The bank manager tells the police that on Sunday morning while driving to church he saw a group of demons escaping through the locked front door of the bank. He is sure that the demons took the $500,000.

Should the police take this claim seriously?

Of course not.

No one today except the most extremely superstitious would accept such an explanation for hundreds of thousands of missing dollars from a bank vault, even when the explanation is coming from a highly respected member of the community. So why is a different standard used for a two thousand year old supernatural explanation for an empty tomb??

(This story is loosely based on a similar story written by another blogger which I read some time ago.  I cannot remember the blog name to give the author credit.)


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