Why Christians can’t admit that the Alleged Appearances of the Risen Jesus were most likely Vivid Dreams

Conservative Christian:  “Vivid dreams”, indeed!

Gary:  You see, folks. This is what happens when your belief system is more important to you than the truth: You desperately attempt to avoid admitting the obvious:

1. It is possible that grave robbers stole the body of Jesus.
2. It is possible that the alleged post-death appearances of Jesus were vivid dreams.

Christians need to face that facts. Even if Yahweh exists, is all-powerful, and does perform miracles, he had never previously resurrected anyone in all of human history. To make the claim that a bodily resurrection of Jesus is more plausible than any natural explanation, Christians need to prove that the odds of grave robbery and vivid dreams confused with reality occurred less often in first century Palestine than a never heard of before resurrection.

The Christian argument has been disproved.

Millions of people believe in miracles, believe in Yahweh, and believe that Yahweh does occasionally violate the rules of nature to perform miracles. These people are calledJews.

One can still believe in God and in miracles and reject the very weak evidence for the bodily resurrection of Jesus.


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