Does the Supernatural only exist Outside of our Universe?

Isn’t it possible that if there is a Creator, which there very well may be, that he (she, it, or they) created the universe using a supernatural act, however, he created the universe to be governed by laws, not governed by the chaos of random metaphysical/supernatural events?

We know that our universe has laws. We know our universe operates by these laws in a very orderly fashion. This evidence, to me, suggests that the Creator did not intend for the metaphysical to exist inside our universe. It may exist outside of our universe, but all evidence suggests that our universe operates, without exception, by a set of inviolable laws.

Therefore, in order to prove that the metaphysical does exist in our universe, the onus is on believers in the metaphysical to provide evidence of its existence. Anecdotal cases are not sufficient.  Believers in miracles and the supernatural must provide evidence that the metaphysical operates in our world.

In my ongoing discussion with Christians regarding the alleged resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, the onus is on Jesus and his followers to prove that he possessed metaphysical powers and that he was a metaphysical being (a divine) and not just a good man who was mistaken.

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