The Old Testament is Inappropriate Reading for Children, Part 2: Adam and Eve

Several years ago, when my children became old enough for me to start reading books to them, (and I was still a Christian), I started reading stories from children’s Bible story books.  These books, of course, start with the Old Testament.  Even though I had heard these stories numerous times as a child myself, it was a shocking experience to read these very violent and graphic stories to my innocent children whose brains were a “fresh, blank slate”:  I realized that their foundational belief system would be based on what I taught them…and read to them.

I challenge every Christian parent to get out their children’s Old Testament Bible story book, read each story, and as you read, ask yourself if the behavior described in these books—the behavior of “God” and the behavior of his followers—is the behavior you hope that your children will emulate as they grow up and when they are adults.  In addition, ask yourself if you want your children to believe the alleged historical facts as described in these Bible stories?

Chapter 2Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve by Jan Gossaert
In this story, Yahweh creates the first human:  Adam.  He creates Adam by picking up some dust on the ground and breathing life into it.  But Adam is lonely in his Garden home, so Yahweh creates a playmate for Adam; a female human.  She is called Eve.  Yahweh creates Eve by taking a rib from Adam.
Analysis:  Cute story, but do you really want your children to grow up and tell their college classmates, sitting in biology class, that female humans originate from a male rib?
Science has conclusive evidence that humans evolved in a long evolutionary process from lower life forms, not from being created de novo from dirt or someone’s rib. 
My former LCMS pastor tried very hard to make this story and evolution compatible.  He taught me that, possibly, Yahweh scooped up some gorilla dung in the dirt from which he made the first human, thereby giving humans our apparent genetic link to the great apes.
How silly.
Why not just admit the obvious truth?  This story was created by ancient, scientifically ignorant peoples as a means of making sense of their world.  This is the Hebrew creation story; one of thousands of creation stories that have been invented over the history of humankind by primitive peoples to explain their origins.
Let’s accept the (Hebrew) creation story for what it is:  a tall tale.
This story should not be taught to children as historical reality.

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