The Old Testament is Inappropriate Reading for Children, Part 1: The Creation Story

When my children became old enough for me to start reading books to them, I started reading stories from children’s Bible story books.  The books, of course, start with the Old Testament.  Even though I had heard these stories numerous times as a child myself, it was a shocking experience to read these very violent and graphic stories to my innocent children whose brains were a “fresh, blank slate”:  I realized that their foundational belief system would be based on what I taught them…and read to them.

I challenge every Christian parent to get out their children’s Old Testament Bible story book, read each story, and as you read, ask yourself if the behavior described in these books—the behavior of “God” and the behavior of his followers—is the behavior you hope that your children will emulate as they grow up and when they are adults.  In addition, ask yourself if you want your children to believe the alleged historical facts as described in these Bible stories?

Let’s begin with chapter one:  God’s Wonderful Creation

This is a fantastic story.  As a small child, I (and probably, you too) was awe struck at the amazing power of “God” (hereafter referred to by his name, Yahweh) in creating the universe out of darkness.  But we probably didn’t pay too much attention to the details of the story, such as that Yahweh created the trees, and grass and the flowers on day three…but didn’t create the sun until day four!

Now, this may not have been a big problem if Yahweh had created the universe in six literal days.  The trees, grass, and flowers could have survived twenty-four hours without sunlight and still lived.  But if Yahweh’s “six day Creation” was actually spread out over billions of years as moderate and liberal Christians (and scientists) tell us, then all the trees, grass, and flowers would have been long dead by the time Yahweh got around to creating the sun.

Now, of course, there is always the fall back “harmonization”:  Yahweh magically kept the trees, grass, and flowers alive during those billions of years, or, that the original trees, grass, and flowers didn’t need sunlight to survive.  But dear Christian parent, doesn’t common sense tell you that the real reason that this story has trees, grass, and flowers being created before the sun is created is because this story was written by scientifically ignorant, superstitious people who had no clue how the universe really operates?

It is a silly, tall tale, folks.  You should not teach your children that these stories are in any way, shape, or form, historical reality.


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