Human Sacrifice and Christianity

Comment on Theology Web:

It’s easy for some Christians to think themselves true evangelists by giving the boring boilerplate rather than getting their hands dirty and presenting viable belief options. Few of them would know how to effectively convey the Primacy of Christ view (or even know what it is) for example. There’s a lack of sophistication in the mission field, and I think that explains the rise in skepticism. This is my humble opinion based on lots of observation and reading.


There are no viable belief options to orthodox/traditional Christianity. It is certainly viable (reasonable and rational) to be a Christian in the sense that you follow the humanistic and pacifist teachings of Jesus the man. But there are no reasonable and rational belief options regarding Jesus Christ the offspring of the copulation (allegedly in some non-sexual, non-physical manner) between a divine ghost and a human virgin; the reanimated-from-the-dead man/god, who currently rules the universe from somewhere in outer space (or in another dimension, if you are really avant garde.)

Dear Christian friends: Imagine if the Mayans still followed their ancient religion and believed the following: Although they do not perform any human sacrifices today, they honor and justify the human sacrifices done in the past as necessary, good, and holy. These sacrificed humans appeased the anger of God, giving the Mayan people the forgiveness of their evil doings against God. In other words, the shed blood of the tens of thousands of people who were sacrificed on Mayan alters for hundreds/thousands of years prior to the arrival of the Spanish atoned for the sins of the Mayan people.

How beautiful, right?

“What??” you say. “That is sick and barbaric!”

But dear Christians, have you ever stepped back and examined the underlying principles of your own (primitive) belief system? The Christian belief system can be boiled down to this:

“The Creator God was furious that humans ate his forbidden fruit. He cursed them to hard labor, sickness, suffering, and death. However, to redeem humans from his righteous fury for forbidden-fruit-eating, he sent himself, in the form of his Son, to be killed in a human sacrifice, so that his shed blood would atone for the sins of the entire people, thus appeasing the anger of…himself.”

That is absurd, folks! That is crazier and more nonsensical than the beliefs of the Maya!

And imagine if educated Mayans came up with all sorts of philosophical and varied theological constructs for this core belief. What if there is an orthodox verison, a reformed version, and an evangelical version. Wouldn’t you listen to these educated people chatter away about which version of this human sacrifice based belief system is correct and think to yourself: These people are certifiably NUTS!

That is how we former Christians/now agnostics or atheists see YOU.

It is madness, folks. Sheer madness. You can dress Christianity up with all kinds of fancy philosophical constructs, but bottom line: It is a belief system based on human sacrifice!

Jesus Christ on Cross Photo License Plate


11 thoughts on “Human Sacrifice and Christianity

  1. Why do you refer to these stupid, backwoods, throwbacks as “friends”? Dear Christian friends? Seriously Gary? You don't devote your entire life to tearing down your friends, these people are not your friends, they are your enemies. You hate them and have basically said as much. At least be honest when being condescending.


  2. Gary said: “Dear Christian friends”

    Gary said: “These people are certifiably NUTS!”

    Gary said: “That is how we former Christians/now agnostics or atheists see YOU.”

    Frank said: “Psychosis?”


  3. Why not ask others if they see it the same way? I am stating nothing but facts here. You address them as “friends” then proceed to mock, ridicule and degrade them and their beliefs. Do you not? I have zero invested here since I have no dog in this fight, I am merely calling it as it is and you're a pompous condescending hypocrite.


  4. Your comments are so predictable (and boring), Frankster, that I skip reading most of them.


    Let me know when you decide to actually address the issues in my posts and not simply continue your one man campaign to attack me personally.


  5. I don't care about addressing your issues because I don't care what you believe anymore than you care what I believe when it comes to faith and or religion.

    All I care to point out is your hypocritical condescending tone you use to address these people you habitually refer to as “friends” right before you degrade, mock and ridicule them.


  6. Within evolution all life is equally life and thus all equally valuable. As a meat eater Gary please explain how you justify the taking of life just to satisfy your own hypocritical gluttonous appetite. Not even for an “eternal” appitite, you kill or have others kill just to satisfy your DAILY appitite.

    The example you used for human sacrifice fails miserably since according to the story in the bible Christ willingly laid down His own life knowing full-well He would also be able to take it up again. Unlike you who takes life from the animal, according to evolution this life is the only life they have and a life they will not be able to take up again just to satisfy your own perverse sick appetite for flesh that day.

    To you this is fine because it is GARY who has a desire so this is not wrong. However if the Christian believes that a God+/man willingly, temporarily laid down His own earthly life to save the eternal lives of them and others that is just evil, inhumane and vile in your mind.

    Gary you are in dire need of a mental evaluation.


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