The Best Christian Argument against Atheists and other Skeptics

The best defense for traditional/conservative Christianity is Biblical Inerrancy.

Dear Conservative Christians:   Tell your children that no matter what evidence is presented by Christian liberals or atheists, the plain, simple reading of the Bible is ALWAYS right. God is infallible; human evidence is not.  Once you start picking apart the Bible with Higher Criticism, it is a slippery slope to a loss of faith (or in my current worldview, seeing the truth).

Let me give an example of the best way for conservative Christians to deal with atheists and other skeptics:

Skeptic: What evidence do you have, Mr./Mrs. Christian, that your god is real; that he is the ruler of the universe; and that if I do not believe in him and obey him I am going to be eternally punished in some fashion?

Christian: The Bible says so.

Skeptic:  But how do you know that the Bible is true?

Christian: God says so.

Skeptic: How do you know that God says so?

Christian: The Bible says so.

Skeptic: Wait a minute! That is a circular argument!

Christian: That is simply your fallible human reasoning. Since you are not a believer, you cannot see the truth of the Bible.

Skeptic: So what you are saying is that unless I first believe and submit to your god and your belief system, I will never understand how your circular reasoning is not circular reasoning?? How can anyone debunk such an argument??

Christian: Exactly. Believe, repent, or perish, Sinner!


5 thoughts on “The Best Christian Argument against Atheists and other Skeptics

  1. I was watching videos of people fighting and seen it as being recommended in the sidebar. I enjoy such videos since I find it to be a very accurate summary of American society and the typical godless heathen. Atheism is growing by the hour and people are abandoning their faith by the bucket fulls.

    To me this is a comforting confirmation of things to come since I desire complete armageddon and anarchy. I want nothing more than the complete crumbling of societal structure as a whole and for civil or even uncivil war to take place in the streets. My hearts desire is for people to lose every material possession and all their creature comforts and to be brought low,to complete loss.

    To me I have found the modern “skeptic” or atheist to be the best tool for that very job. One can abandon their faith in whatever god/God they have and snuggle up in the warm fuzzy blanket of being “smart” and enlightened in doing so. As a security supervisor in a federal hospital which houses the criminally insane I find the atheist to be in dominant faith within all wards, so I naturally find people such as yourself very curious and I seek out such blogs/websites to follow their downward decent.


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