Read this Questionnaire on the Believability of the Resurrection of Jesus

Even if everyone on earth accepted as fact the majority opinion of New Testament scholars regarding the historical events surrounding the death and burial of Jesus, and, the subsequent growth of Christianity, would the evidence be enough to convince you of the Christian claim of a resurrection?  Let’s see.

The evidence for the alleged bodily resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth from the dead, in Jerusalem, in circa 30 AD, is the following:

1. Public execution.
2. Public burial.
3. Sealed tomb.
4. Guards at the tomb for most of the period of time in question.
5. Empty tomb, three days and two nights later, with stone rolled away. (No known witnesses to the body leaving the tomb, however)
6. Post-death sightings, sometimes by hundreds of people at once.
7. Dramatically changed behavior of disciples.
8. Very shameful, very strange new belief system in an Honor-Shame society.
9. A belief never heard of in Judaism, yet believed by several thousand devout Jews.
10. Rapid spread of Christianity.
11. Willingness of thousands of Christians to be persecuted, tortured, and painfully executed for their beliefs.

Question: Based upon the evidence above, do you believe the Christian claim that the dead man, Jesus of Nazareth, was brought back to life by the Hebrew God, Yahweh, exited his sealed tomb by some manner other than moving the stone, appeared in a superhero-like body to his grieving friends and family on multiple occasions (but apparently to no one else), and forty days later levitated into the clouds, and from there, in some fashion, traveled to the farthest extent of the universe (or possibly into another dimension) to sit on a throne at the right hand of the Hebrew God, Yahweh, to be the ruler of the universe?

Do you believe that this miracle/supernatural explanation of Christianity is the most probable explanation for the evidence above, or, do you believe that there are other more probable, naturalistic, explanations for this evidence?


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