Dismantling Fundamentalism: In the Beginning – Part I


5 thoughts on “Dismantling Fundamentalism: In the Beginning – Part I

  1. Gary –

    Your old buddy Pastor Baxter here . . .

    Straight up question(s) . . .

    We are both well aware that Music has fundamentals (not your favorite topic) and very technical, mathematical logic firmly in its corner. Those are absolute givens about which neither we, nor anyone else of sound mind would quibble.

    My question to you is this: How do you – scientifically and rationally – account for the various effects music (and lyrics) has upon its hearers?

    Pax – jb


  2. An interaction of complex biological and psychological responses to pleasant and/or disturbing stimuli to auditory and pleasure centers of the brain through the sense of hearing.


  3. Yeah – that simplistic explanation was in my Music Theory textbook back in 1975 – which of course, says nothing to anyone except the guy who wrote it and the guy who proof-read his text.

    I asked you for YOUR answer, Gary!


  4. Gary –

    I had a a bit of a hilarious response at the ready, because I figured you would answer precisely as you have. The Irish in me would put it up, no questions asked.

    But I cannot. I am genuinely feeling sorry for you, my friend, and while you may not consider me likewise – I am.

    Peace be to you and yours. I leave you to yourself. jb


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