Believe in Alice in Wonderland by Faith…or perish!

Imagine a street preacher walking up to you and telling you that if you refuse to place your complete trust and faith in the absolute truth of the Alice in Wonderland story that you will be punished, in some fashion, forever, in the afterlife.

You would tell the guy that he is madder than the Mad Hatter, wouldn’t you?

But what if our hypothetical street preacher goes on to tell you that most experts agree that Alice was a real person who lived in nineteenth century England who really did fall down a hole and really did claim to have experienced all the magical events as described in Lewis Carroll’s book?  Would that change your mind?

I doubt it.

And what if our street preacher goes on to tell you that immediately after Alice made her claim of falling into a hole and experiencing all sorts of magical events, there is good evidence that hundreds of other Englishmen and women began to see, hear, and interact with the exact same talking rabbit and Queen of Hearts?  Would you then believe?

I still doubt it.

But what if our street preacher then tells you that very soon after Alice’s fall into a rabbit hole, tens of thousands of people came to believe in the veracity of the details of Alice’s story and were willing to suffer terrible persecution and even death for their belief in talking rabbits and a real Queen of Hearts, would you then believe?

I still doubt it.

Why? Can I prove that talking rabbits do not exist?  No.  Can I prove that the Queen of Hearts card in a deck of playing cards cannot take on a real bodily form and speak, threatening everyone in her presence with, “Off with his head!”?

Nope.  I can’t prove that any of the magical claims made by Alice in Alice in Wonderland did not happen.  But just because I nor anyone else can prove that the magical  (supernatural) events in Alice in Wonderland did not occur does that justify believing that they did?

I don’t think so, and I would bet the overwhelming majority of educated people in the world would agree with me.  Rabbits don’t talk and playing cards do not take on human form…except in the world of fantasy!

So when Christians ask us to believe in their walking snakes, talking donkeys, flying angels, swine-indwelling demons, virgin-impregnating ghosts, men who walk on water, and a dead guy (who lived two thousand years ago) who walked out of his tomb with a super-hero body, eventually flew off into outer space, and who currently sits on a celestial throne, on the edge of the cosmos, as the Almighty King of the Universe…why shouldn’t we find their claims just as irrational and just as preposterous and unbelievable as the talking rabbits and temperamental playing cards of Alice in Wonderland?

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