Why do Santa and Jesus only Answer the Requests and Prayers of Rich Kids?

I hear that teachers at grade schools are encouraging well-to-do parents not to tell their children that Santa is the one who gave them their expensive Christmas gifts.  The teachers are advising this to prevent hurt feelings with less affluent children in the classroom who will not be finding similar expensive gifts from “Santa” under their Christmas tree. 

“Make the small, inexpensive gifts from Santa, and the expensive gifts from Mom and Dad,” the teachers are encouraging.

And that brought this to mind…

Why does every middle class and rich child in the United States receive multiple gifts from Santa at Christmas, but Santa never leaves any Christmas gifts for poor children living in dumps and other areas of terrible squalor in Third World countries?  And why does Jesus seem to answer the prayers of children in affluent western countries at a much, much higher rate than he does the prayers of poor children in the Third World?


Prayer of affluent American child pictured above:
Dear Jesus,
Please help me to have the AWESOMEST Christmas ever!
Result:  Prayer almost always answered!
Prayer of Poor Third World child pictured above:
Dear Jesus,
Please help.  I, my little brother and sister, and all the children of the village are dying of starvation.  Please send us some food today.
Result:  Prayer rarely ever answered!
Analysis:  Childrens’ requests to Santa and prayers to Jesus are rarely ever answered or fulfilled unless one has rich parents or other well-funded means of human support.  Think about that the next time you thank Jesus for all his blessings to you and your family…while at the same time he seems to ignore desperate pleas for the most basic of needs from millions of suffering children all over the world.

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