How many Observed Resurrections have Occurred in Human History?

A resurrection is not a resuscitation, for which we have thousands of such documented cases.  A resurrection is the reanimation AND transformation of a human body into a supernatural, immortal body; a body that does not need food or water; a body that can teleport between cities and walk through locked doors; a body that can levitate into outer space.

Even Christians admit that there has NEVER been even one case of an observed and documented resurrection of a dead human body.  The Christian holy book does not claim that someone or someones were standing next to Jesus’ shroud-wrapped body when he suddenly started breathing again, opened his eyes, sat up, and somehow exited a tomb with a sealed door that had not yet been opened by angels.  NO ONE saw any of this.

No.  But we are compelled by Christians to believe that ONE man, out of the billions of humans that have lived and died on this little planet, was resurrected from the dead…simply because his friends and family started “seeing” him after his death and were willing to die for the belief that he had been resurrected.

That is absurd and irrational!


2 thoughts on “How many Observed Resurrections have Occurred in Human History?

  1. So you admit you were absurd and irrational at a point in your life when you belonged to this absurd irrational cultist belief system? Why should we believe you are no longer absurd and irrational? Simply changing cults does nothing to make you sane or rational. You're still just as absurd and irrational, you just moved to a new address.


  2. So true Frank. Gary, judging from his changing thoughts, his own comments, and his posts, is absurd and irrational no matter where he is.



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