Praying to Dead People

Imagine meeting someone and having him or her tell you the following:

“My grandfather is the most incredible man who has ever lived! I can count on him for everything. If I need help at work, he always helps me. If I’m having relationship issues, I can always count on him to give me good counsel and support. If I’m ill, I talk to him and he helps me to get better. I talk to him before going to bed every night and before every meal.

My grandfather is the Creator of the Universe and has promised all those who pray and worship him that when they die, he will beam them up to his cosmic city on the edge of the most distant galaxy to live forever.

Would you like to know more about my grandfather?

You: Uhhh.  Can I meet your grandfather?

No,  he died twenty-five years ago.  But he came back to life a few days later and now lives in outer space where he watches over me, and you, and everybody, and…

Observation: Scary, crazy nonsense, huh? Yet Christians are baffled when we skeptics don’t buy THEIR “my-dead-friend-is-God” story.


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