Mother Teresa: Saint…or Villain?

When I first heard Christopher Hitchens trash Mother Teresa I was shocked and appalled.

—“Has Hitchens gone mad with his anti-Christianity??  How could anyone criticize someone who spent her life helping the poor?”

Well, if you look a little deeper, the good “Mother” has some ugly accusations against her.  Are they true?  I don’t know.  But before the liberal, justice-minded Champion of the Poor and current occupant of the Throne of St. Peter assists in the canonization of this woman, he should investigate these accusations.  If they are true, Teresa was not a “saint” and should not receive the honor of being labeled as such.

There are a variety of complaints against Mother Teresa.  Here are some of the most common:

1- She accepted donations from shady sources including infamous 3rd world dictators and embezzled funds. She also associated with various questionable figures, and took sides in Indian politics.

2- She used very little of the donations for actual charity. Much of the donations she received went to either missionary work or the general RCC funds, even when earmarked for charity. The exact proportion is unknown because she refused to release any info except where absolutely required by law.

3- The medical care she offered did not meet standards, even for third world hospice care. And quotes like this, “I think it is very beautiful for the poor to accept their lot, to share it with the passion of Christ. I think the world is being much helped by the suffering of the poor people,” and “the most beautiful gift for a person that he can participate in the sufferings of Christ,” certainly don’t put her in the best light. Her goal was never to treat the poor sick. Her goals were conversion and to help people suffer properly to prepare their souls for the afterlife. Added to this the fact that she went to western hospitals when she herself got sick, makes her look like a hypocrite as well.

4- She had patients baptized, apparently without a full and proper Catechism or understanding of what was being done to them.

Now your view on whether these are bad are not depends on your point of view on these subjects. Maybe she was a devoted missionary who took a hold of whatever tools she could to perform an important duty. Or maybe she was a sadistic individual who hung out with evil men and tortured her so called patients. But in any case she wasn’t the saintly medical caregiver as she was frequently portrayed.

3 thoughts on “Mother Teresa: Saint…or Villain?

  1. Maybe she was a closet naturalist? She was doing what she felt best for humanity. What are you doing for humanity Gary? Besides blogging of-course.


    1. If you’re “scolding” Gary, then I think you need to read his post again. He is merely sharing some things he has come across that indicates she wasn’t necessarily as “saintly” as some would like to believe. He poses the question … “Are they true?”, then states, “I don’t know.”

      As for speaking ill of a deceased person … it’s nothing more than a “social more,” not a hard and fast “rule.”

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