I am a Naturalist

Christian:  You’re a WHAT?

Gary:  I am a Naturalist.

Christian:  What does that mean?  You like to lay out on the beach…”a la natural“?  (hee hee)

Gary:  No.  It means I believe in the natural world.  I don’t believe in the supernatural.

Christian:  Ohhhh!  So you’re one of those filthy, God-hating atheists!

Gary:  No.  I don’t consider myself an atheist.  To me, the definition of an atheist, at least as defined by the general public, is someone who believes that God does not exist.  I do not pretend to know, as fact, that God does not exist.  It is certainly within the realm of possibilities that a god or gods exist.

Christian:  So you’re an agnostic.  You can’t make up your mind if God exists or if he doesn’t.

Gary:  I am agnostic as to the existence of a Creator.  The universe may have been created by a supernatural being, but, we cannot rule out the possibility that the universe has a more natural explanation as to its origin.  At this point we just do not know.  I suggest we continue to study the issue and not jump to conclusions.

However, I am fairly certain that Allah, Krishna, Zeus, Jupiter, Yahweh, and Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Christian godhead, do not exist. They might exist, but then fairies, leprechauns, and unicorns may also exist.  There are thousands of supernatural concepts and beings that might exist.  But until someone is able to provide good, convincing evidence for the existence of one or more of these concepts or beings, I suggest we not spend a lot of time thinking or worrying about them.

Let’s believe in the natural world; naturalism.  Let’s leave the supernatural to the realm of science fiction.


8 thoughts on “I am a Naturalist

  1. So – you openly blaspheme that which you are not sure even exists? That in itself is enough to question not only your rationality, but your very state of mind.

    Good Doctor – your ability to blaspheme the Triune God is greatly exceeded by Christ's intent to forgive you. So each time you go off on one of your tangents here, Jesus is forgiving you many times over the tripe you produce.

    Remember that when you are composing your “enlightened” insights. Christ forgives you more than you can sin against Him.

    Pax – pb


  2. Your Christ is dead. I cannot insult or blaspheme someone who is dead.

    Stop praying to and worshiping dead people, JB. It is superstitious nonsense. Honor the possible existence of an unknown Creator, whomever he, she, they, or it might be, if you wish, but stop praying to dead people.


  3. Pastor Baxter,

    Every time you pray to Jesus and proclaim him to be God, you blaspheme against Allah, the One, True God. How can you be 100% sure that Allah is not the one and only God that you should be worshiping and praying to? You can be 98% sure, but you can't be 100% sure, JB.

    So – you openly blaspheme that which you are not sure even exists? That in itself is enough to question not only your rationality, but your very state of mind.


  4. And how DARE you blaspheme the great gods Zeus and Jupiter, claiming that they are non-existent myths! You cannot be 100% certain of their non-existence, yet you blaspheme and refuse to worship them as if you can be 100% certain.

    Your irrationality knows no bounds, Sir!


  5. Doc –

    Easy, easy there! You're not getting younger, and one can't be too careful with the ole blood pressure!

    I just checked out back – yeah, I've still got your goat. We take good care of him – you might want him back someday. Never know . . .

    You are more fundamentalistic in your agno-atheism than you ever were in the supposed Christian fundamentalism of your youth. And knowing that you, as an adult fled that scene for a number of years for the Former Lutheran Church known as ELCA, before embarking on your quest for “orthodoxy” – only to find the LCMS tended to be a bit too rigorous in their pursuit of orthodoxy for your liking. So you dragged your fundamentalism into the world of doubt and the elevation of yourself as authority. I mused with a friend that I wonder if you ever really believed the Gospel. I'm coming to believe you never did.

    All of which makes any kind of lecture from you on my faith more than a tad ludicrous, and rather hilarious to boot. I mean, Gary, what is it you actually do know about the Christian Faith? In over two years of back and forth, I have reached the obvious conclusion – “Not much.”

    You were taught to slavishly pursue the Law – which you continue to do (albeit thinking yourself to be the Law). But God's Law is still written on your heart, and you have discovered that try as you might, you cannot escape it, much as, despite all of your disparaging comments aside, you cannot deal with the sheer Gospel that Christ still forgives you, and will until “that day.”

    So you are simply in no position to qualify my faith, or the Christian Faith, whatsoever. All you can qualify, and quantify, is your stated non-belief or “know-nothingness.” And that, is now your real faith. You believe it ardently, defend it against all comers, and try to verbally dismember all who disagree with the faith of Gary.

    We do, simply because we can see and read what a massive FAIL it has been in your life. The three feeble attempts above to undo what I said to you were just that, feeble, and rather desperate. By the way, we have named your goat.

    “Hetero.” pb


  6. You are truly delusional, Reverend Baxter. But then, anyone who has devoted his entire life to a supernatural superstition MUST be delusional.

    It isn't true, Jeff. It is only a tall tale.

    You can huff and puff as you make nasty insults and threats; you can shake your tom toms and poke pins in your voodoo dolls with wild abandon; but all your efforts still boil down to one simple truth: it is all a tall tale.


  7. Just noticed you are signing “pb” and not “jb”, so maybe you are not the “good” Reverend Baxter…

    …but all the same, it's still a tall tale, friend.


  8. This is so hilarious I don't even know where to begin… Let us go down the list to the naturalists answer for the questions of life.

    1. What is the ultimate reality?

    They answer it is “eternally existing matter” and not “supernatural beings”. Ok, so how do they know anything has existed eternally? How can you accept something as eternity and something existing eternally as rational but say anything “supernatural” is not rational? The mere assertion of anything existing eternally IS supernatural within a natural universe where decay and entropy dominate. If you allow one supernatural occurrence then you must allow for others.

    2. What is the origin of the universe, life and man?

    They say the universe has no absolute beginning, it is eternal and 15 billion years (+/- 1 billion) it existed as a tiny speck and then for no reason, without any cause or substance to effect a cause and without any demand for cause there became a BANG! Evolution began and we have the 160GB ipod! So what we see here, it is irrational to believe in a supernatural being but totally logical to say something happened 15 BILLION years ago is factual when no one was around to observe it.

    3. What went wrong? Why are evil, suffering, and death and Miley Cyrus in the world?

    The mere fact you need to explain this is all the proof one needs to see something IS WRONG! If nothing is wrong then why would anyone ask “what went wrong?”

    4. What if anything can be done?

    This one was really hilarious when you consider the order it was placed. It comes right after they explain to us “nothing went wrong” yet now they're saying “unless aliens arrive to help us”… Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Who needs help!? You just said nothing is wrong and everything is kosher? Why would we need help?

    5. What is the meaning of life?

    Human life has no transcendent meaning yet man must create his own meaning? Huh? How can you create meaning when/if there is none? Pleasure, progress and prosperity are somehow “meaningful”? To whom?

    6. How shall we live?

    you say: “Since there is no god and no moral absolutes man must live by whatever values he deem best for the survival, health and pleasure of the human race.”

    I say: Ok, first who decides what is best and who decided it is best that the human race survives? I don't recall a vote. What if mankind decides it is best to follow Christianity?

    I leave you with these sage words of profound wisdom I have gathered from my vast research into worldly smartness. And I quote: “derp, duh, deedoodeedoodle de dum derpa derpa durka durka aloha snackbar!” Think about it.


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