Faith is NOT a Virtue


Gary, it seems to have escaped you, fundamentalist that you are and will remain, it appears . . .

I most(ly) ignore what “you think.” It is merely an extension of the fundamentalism of your youth – what you think . . . well by gosh and by golly, God had better agree with you or else. Lewis nailed you, and you are not even swift enough of realization to get it. I don’t have to “believe that” – that you exhibit every time you put up a new joke on your site.

Some really give a care about you, Doctor. But since you already have, “by reason and science,” all the knowledge of Heaven and Earth . . .

Who could possibly approach your genius? You ARE God.

Gary’s Analysis of this comment

What is this Christian really saying to me?  I believe what he is really saying is this: 

Gary, you do not have the right to think for yourself. 

My beliefs, which are the beliefs of 70-80% of the American public (Christians) regarding the existence of (our version of) the supernatural is the one and only Truth.  The fact that you choose to reject my belief in the supernatural is not a sign that you are an individualist; a man who uses his brain to examine the evidence; a  man who thinks for himself.  It is a sign that you are evil; a rebel; an arrogant, self-absorbed idiot who refuses to accept the validity of 2,000 years of superstitious belief by millions if not billions of people…superstitious belief that I and my fellow believers call “faith”.

Dear Reader:  Think for yourself.  Don’t accept what I say.  Don’t accept what “Anonymous” above says. 
Don’t accept what any holy book says.  Don’t accept what any religion says.  And don’t
accept appeals to blind faith. 
Study the evidence.
Use your brain.
Decide for yourself.

4 thoughts on “Faith is NOT a Virtue

  1. Well – as usual – your belief is wrong.

    I said nothing of the kind in the words you just tried to put in my mouth (straw man) so you could knock them down to prove your point.

    Those are your words that, in your usual fundamentalistic mindset to prove yourself right and the world wrong, if necessary – you simply made up out of thin air.

    You're really going downhill – all you do anymore is knock down straw men you make up. Sad.


  2. Let's see if you can actually stay focused on criticizing my beliefs and not just attacking me:

    What about my belief, exactly, is wrong?

    If you continue to make rash generalizations, instead of going into specifics, we will all know you are just blowing hot air, like the superstitious cult member that I believe you to be.


  3. Gary –

    If I get started, you'll get in your usual snit of fundy frustration and turn off the comments.

    Instead – I'll just wish you and yours a Merry and Blessed Feast of the Incarnation – the Christ Mass – and leave it at that.

    Pax – pb


  4. Baloney, JB. You have NEVER addressed my criticisms of Christianity. As is the custom of the cults, you have only attacked the ex-member of your cult (me) personally.

    Jesus is dead. Stop teaching children and naïve adults that by eating a cracker and pretending it is a dead man's body, somehow they achieve cosmic oneness with the invisible creator of the universe. It is a pathetically superstitious tall tale.

    Now, start debating the actual issues or have the balls to admit you can't defend your superstitions.


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