The Evil Lurking behind Independent Baptist Fundamentalism

Jack Hyles, early years

Ever attend an independent, fundamental Baptist church?  If so, you know that in an independent, fundamental Baptist church the pastor has absolute, unquestioned authority. 

Well, as the saying goes, “absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

Read this fascinating and disturbing article regarding the largest independent, fundamental Baptist church in the country and its infamous pastor, Jack Hyles.  Independent, fundamental Baptists, like myself, grew up in the 60’s and 70’s viewing Jack Hyles as one of our greatest leaders.

How the mighty have fallen! 

Read here.

Jack Hyles, later years
The pastor of each independent, fundamental Baptist church
is a pope with unquestioned, absolute authority

Jack Hyles’ son-in-law, Jack Schaap, who succeeded Hyles as pastor of
independent, fundamental, First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, gives his
famous, “How to Polish a Sword” sermon which some
members of the congregation viewed as pornographic.

Jack Hyles’ daughter, Linda, speaks out about
her father and his cult:  independent Baptist fundamentalism

10 thoughts on “The Evil Lurking behind Independent Baptist Fundamentalism

  1. I forgot to mention that when I was about ten or eleven, I and my father attended an independent Baptist Bible Fellowship meeting in Denver, Colorado. Jack Hyles was preaching. At the end of his sermon, Hyles called forward all those young men in the audience whom his sermon had evoked God's calling to be a pastor.

    I walked forward and pledged to become an independent, fundamental Baptist preacher.


  2. Yes, I independently and fundamentally support and preach the liberation of the human mind from the fear of invisible, imaginary ghosts, ghouls, devils, and gods.


  3. This is your opinion only. But then you think you know everything don't you? Gary, after sort of following your blog for a number of years, I can only conclude that you are a joke.


  4. And you are a typical cult member: relentlessly attacking the character of the ex-cult member instead of providing evidence to support the validity of the cult's beliefs that the ex-member is criticizing.


  5. Well, I have given you plenty of evidence but you don't want to consider any of what is said. All you do is attack the character of those who are Christians. Why waste more time? And you must have the wrong anon as I never did attack your character. Poor you.


  6. You don't listen or remember do you? Nor do consider that you are only 1 little person in billions. You think you right? Your self-centeredness is laughable. You are a fool and really a waste of time. Bye.


  7. Gary, that isn't Frank or Fred. I know this because I am Fred / Frank. I would always use Frank or Fred when if I ever post here again which I shant. I check in from time to time to see how far you sink but I have no desire to ever comment again because you've requested I don't and honestly it's as pointless as a brain in a liberal skull. If I did though I will always use the names you've come to know and cherish me by and all of the above are not me. Take Care Gary!


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