Should we keep "THEM" out of our Country?

Who is “them”?  Well, currently it is Muslims, but over the 200 plus years of our existence as a nation, Americans have feared many “thems”.

—the Irish.
—the Germans.
—the Italians.
—the Eastern Europeans.
—the Chinese.
—the Japanese.
—the Mexicans and other Latin Americans.
—the Catholics.
—the Jews.

Eastern European immigrants arriving at Ellis Island

Change is scary.  The fear has always been that the new “them” will weaken our values and destroy our culture.  It hasn’t happened yet.  We always come out stronger and better.

I suggest we welcome ALL tired and poor “thems”, regardless of race, nationality, or religion.  Yes, we should screen them.  But we should screen them not based on their creed or religion, but based on whether or not they share our values, such as the equality of all peoples, the equality of both genders, and a respect for diversity of opinion, faith, or lack of faith.

We are a nation of immigrants.   If we each go back in our family tree a few generations, we would probably all find an ancestor who at one time was viewed as one of those despised “thems”.


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