Gary, It takes more Faith to believe in your Atheism than it does in God.

Pat, conservative Christian:

Hey Gary. I’m beginning to see that even if I took you with me and miracles happened in your presence, that would not be enough for you. You have bought in to the atheist mantra. Your search has ended. You are comfortable being the master of your life and that you answer to no one. No amount of proof would be enough. If I brought King David to meet you today, you would want the ark of the covenant in order to believe.  When it was produced, you would want to talk to the builders. You would continue being a non believer even if you talked with Pharaoh himself. If you saw the Covenant Stones of Sinai themselves, you would claim they are fake. If God Himself came down to you, you would say it was all a trick.


2 thoughts on “Gary, It takes more Faith to believe in your Atheism than it does in God.

  1. I got tired of copying what I wrote and putting it on the blog. That is why you don't see it there. I just didn't have time to keep doing that.

    It does not bother me at all that so many “educated” people are just flat wrong. Won't be the first time. Probably won't be the last.

    I have given you ample proof.

    Instead of dealing with the facts, you give the atheist and progressive view. Well, honestly, you don't even do that. Your proof is just to say that most people disagree with my stand, as if that fact should carry some weight. I would rather hear the proof that GARY has that these events didn't happen. All you can come up with are questions and suppositions. This is what you are putting your entire faith in for here… and the future.

    If you are right, well then, we have lived the life each of us wanted. We are happy and that is all there is to it. If I am right, you have lost EVERYTHING. Have you really stopped to think about that. You are putting your faith in men who do not have any more proof than you have. All they have are questions and suppositions. And you say Christians are crazy … geezzz louise.

    It is time for you to wrestle with the facts, and quit putting your faith in skeptics who have no proof that it DIDN'T happen.

    I have to agree with you regarding the 6 day creation. The six days are as God sees them, not as man sees them. The physics of it works perfectly. I believe the earth was created over millions of earth years. BUT, I could be wrong. It might be six literal days. God can do whatever He wants.

    I have given you ample proof above. It is up to you to deal with it, or fall back on your lack of proof there is no God, no King David, no Exodus. The Passover is key. You ignore it.

    At least be honest in your search.

    Wait, you are an atheist. There are no consequences for being dishonest.

    You are better than this, Gary.



  2. Good. So you don't believe the Bible literally regarding the Six Day Creation. You accept the scientific evidence.

    So why believe the Exodus story when there is no archeological evidence of several million Hebrews enslaved in Egypt for hundreds of years, nor any trace of them wandering in the Sinai for 40 years? Sometimes the lack of evidence IS the evidence of absence.

    Regarding being wrong: How many hours of sleep have you lost worrying that Muslims may be right; or the Hindus; or the Mormons; or other exclusivist religions? If the Muslims are right you are going to burn for all eternity in the Muslim Hell. So based on your logic, you should hedge your bets and become a Muslim just in case the Muslims turn out to be correct.


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