Are Christians consistent in their Skepticism of Religious Supernatural Claims?

I would strongly encourage all Christians to examine the supernatural claims of your Faith/religion with the same level of skepticism that you would evaluate the supernatural claims of someone else’s Faith/religion.

Would you accept the claim that the founder of any other religion had risen from the dead with the same evidence that Christianity uses to support the resurrection claim of their founder?


12 thoughts on “Are Christians consistent in their Skepticism of Religious Supernatural Claims?

  1. What about YOUR evidence Gary? You keep trying to reason things out but your reasoning power is as skewed as any human. You have changed your mind over and over thinking each time you have it right. At least you SAY you have it right every time you reverse your decision.


  2. You used the word 'evidence' in your post. You seem to be looking for some kind of scientific evidence that God is real, Jesus rose from the dead, the Dead Sea crossing happened, etc.etc.etc. Maybe that evidence is there. I don't know. I do know I have the evidence that you don't and won't believe. Have you ever read 'Run Baby Run' by Nicky Cruz? That is the kind of evidence that is real. Not all the stuff you are looking for which is one so called physical or scientific proof against another.


  3. No. I have never claimed that God is not real, only that the ancient Hebrew deity Yahweh is not real. There is a big difference.

    The evidence you speak of is based on personal experience. However, every religion has members claiming that miraculous events have happened to them after their prayer to Lord Brahma, Krishna, Allah, or some other god. There are many Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims and others who state that their faith gives them great inner peace and comfort. Having miraculous experiences and experiencing internal peace and comfort from one's supernatural belief system is very common and not limited to Christianity. Therefore, Christianity needs better evidence to prove that it is the one and only truth.

    If you are a universalist, I have no issue with your supernatural belief system. If you are not; if you believe that non-believers in Jesus will suffer some form of negative consequences and that therefore I and every one else needs to convert to true Christianity, I challenge you to present better evidence to back up this assertion than what I have seen so far.

    I am not claiming that my belief system is better than that of the Christian universalist. But I do claim that my belief system is better than that of the conservative/orthodox/traditional Christian who believes that everyone except him and his are going to be tortured in some sense for all eternity. Such a belief system is narcissistic, bigoted, and downright evil.


  4. You can claim anything or have issue (or no issue) with anything you want Gary. That doesn't make it real. I am not claiming anything here. However if you have never read the book I am referring to, please don't be so sure of what I am referring.One can get comfort or even miracles from a lot of things that are or are not of a religious nature. As far as your statement saying your belief system is better than a conservative/orthodox/traditional Christian, well, you certainly think you know it all.


  5. Any belief system that tells you that the Supreme Leader loves you and wants to provide for you…as long as you worship and obey him…but if you don't, he will torture you for eternity…is evil.

    You don't need to read a book to know that. It's called good ol' common sense.


  6. You somehow can't unwrap your mind from this one issue that you call torture for eternity. The Bible talks about hell but somehow I missed the torture for eternity as you think it is. Can you give me Biblical teaching for this? I will say that once God has touched you, really touched you, you will feel differently. I personally think being away from God for eternity after having been touched by Him would be torture. With all the stuff you read and post, perhaps you could read the book I mentioned (instead of assuming you know it all). Your 'good ol' common sense' might be that to you, but you aren't the only person in the world and don't have the standard for 'common sense'.

    Most often a person cant really know something until they have been there. I am not saying you were never 'saved', but just that you never really 'got it', never really had your eyes truly opened. You like to refer to miracles and experiences of other religions (muslims, budda etc) but this isn't what I am talking about. You're just too closed minded to even consider anything but 'torture for eternity'.


  7. Whenever a Christian feels I don't get what they are saying they tell me to go read a book. I don't need to read a book to know that any belief system that threatens non-believers with ANY form of punishment is evil.


  8. Whatever. I don't think you want to understand or are even open to what someone else says. You want to believe what you do and you are trying hard to believe it. By the way I asked what your Biblical references are for what you say is Biblical punishment and of course you didn't respond to that. You just shoved the subject aside bringing up your idea of evil punishment again. You don't know any answers and you try hard to change the subject and convince yourself what you suspect is true is not true.


  9. Evil punishments? Well it seems each Christian denomination and even each Christian has a different answer for that:

    –an eternity of shame.
    –an eternity of separation from God.
    –an eternity of being in utter darkness.
    –an eternity of psychological pain.
    –an eternity of being burned alive in utter darkness.


  10. Speaking of evil, you are only interested in yourself Gary. You claim you want to free (or whatever words you use) others from their 'religious bondage' but you are not interested in finding out who God really is. You do not understand because you have not experienced (not speaking of eternal security or once saved always saved here so don't jump on that). Your eyes are blinded to God. Say or think what you want about this but what you say is from the mind of your evil.


  11. Once a fundamentalist, forever a fundamentalist.

    Gary is not arguing with anyone else on this site, but only . . .

    Himself. And he knows it.


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