How can you Verify that God Speaks to you in your Heart?

Does God really speak to Christians?

Many branches of Christianity, in particular Evangelical Christianity, teach that true believers will hear God speak to them in a “still, small voice” and that God will “lead” them and “move” them to do his will.  I’ve always been curious about this.  How exactly does someone know that the “voice” they hear is God?  Isn’t it possible that the voice you hear and the “leading” and “moving” that you perceive is nothing more than the internal dialogue in your head between you and…YOU?

I mean, we all carry on internal dialogues in our heads every day.  If we walk past a store window and see something we really want there is an immediate debate inside our head:

Voice 1:  “I REALLY want that!”

Voice 2:  “You promised the wife to stop spending so much money on non-essentials.”

So when you hear a voice that says, “You should give more to the church”, or, “I think you should become an evangelist”, how do you know it is God and not YOU talking?  Now, maybe you will say something like this:  “Well, I compare what the voice says to what the Bible says and if the voice is congruent with Scripture I assume it is the voice of God.”  But, check this out:  Let’s say that someone is a Muslim, and they too hear a voice in their head that tells them/moves them/leads them to do something, and that something is congruent with the teachings of the Koran, would you EVER agree that the voice the Muslim is hearing is the voice of God??

I doubt it.

So hearing a voice in your head/”heart” that tells you things congruent with your existing belief system is NOT a reliable way of knowing whether or not an invisible deity is communicating with you.

Some Christians will then say, “But God has answered so many of my prayers, and some of them could not have been coincidence!”  Really?  Are you sure about that?  If you regularly pray for extra-ordinary events to occur and those extra-ordinary events do occur on a regular, frequent, repetitive basis in your life then you have good evidence that your prayers are working.  But how many Christians can say that?  Sure, most Christians can name one or two really extra-ordinary events about which they believe could have only occurred due to prayer, but regular, frequent, repetitive extra-ordinary events??  I don’t think so.  Just because you ask God every day to bless your food (and you never get food poisoning) and you got that job promotion that you had been praying for for two years, is NOT evidence that your prayers are effective.

Many people on planet earth, whether Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or atheist, can point to a couple of events in their life which are so unlikely that it is hard to believe it was a coincidence.   But what do these events prove?  Answer:  They prove that rare, very odd, very extraordinary events DO happen.  Their occurrence is not proof of the existence of a God.

“But I’ve experienced miracles such as healings,” some Christians claim.  Prove to us that your “healing” was not coincidence, my friend. Why is it that diseases such as migraine headaches and back pain can be cured by God but amputated limbs are never healed?  Does God have a bias against amputees or is that just too hard for him to do?

“But I’ve had visions,” some Christians claim.  Visions are not reality, my Christian friend.  Many Muslims, Hindus, and persons of many other belief systems have had visions.

In conclusion, the voice you hear in your head MIGHT be a god, but you can’t prove it, and odds are, it is just YOU speaking to yourself.  I have a suggestion, stop listening to voices in your head and start listening to reason, science, and common sense.

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