Christian Explanations for why God needed to give Humans a Free Will Fail Miserably

by Zombie, Inc.

According to traditional Christian teaching, humans are eternal beings, just not eternal in the same sense that God is eternal. God, in Christian teaching, had no beginning and will have no end.  We humans, on the other hand, are only eternal beings moving forward.  We begin to exist (as a soul) at our conception and then will exist, either in Heaven or Hell, for all eternity.

So when it comes to a free will, we possess this trait for approximately70 years of our total existence.  The remaining ba-zillion years will be spent WITHOUT a free will (no one will have the ability to choose to sin in heaven).

So if God is perfectly happy with us being robots—beings without the ability to reject/disobey him; beings only capable of perpetual obedience and effusive devotion and praise—for the overwhelming majority of our existence, why was it such a big deal for him to give us a free will for only a tiny fraction of our total existence? If having a free will is what is “fair” and “just”,  and the reason for God giving us a free will is to be fair and just with us, then why didn’t he give us an ETERNAL free will?


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