Gary, Do you still fear Hell?

Dante’s Hell

I don’t think so.  I mean, I’ve tried to reflect as honestly as possible on my current feelings on that subject, and I don’t think I fear Hell anymore.

If you have been reading this blog for awhile you know that the primary purpose of this blog has been for me to “exorcise” my fundamentalist Christian demons, namely my fear of being burned alive for all eternity in God’s little torture pit, located somewhere in the center of our little planet, for the unpardonable sin of turning my back on Jesus and Christianity….(and for my ancient ancestors’ sin of forbidden-fruit-eating).

The thought of dying and waking up in the flames of Hell used to really scare the crap out of me.

I don’t have those nightmares anymore.  I have now been exposed to enough evidence that my very indoctrinated brain realizes that the Bible is filled with false claims.  None of the supernatural claims are believable to me anymore, and many of the historical claims, such as the Creation Story, the Great Flood, and the Exodus have been proven false.  The evidence is overwhelming to me that the Bible is NOT the inerrant word of an all-knowing being, as claimed by Christian fundamentalists, nor is the central message of the Bible true even if the book in its entirety is not inerrant, as stated by Christian moderates:  Human virgins do not become impregnated by ghosts and dead men do not walk out of their graves, eat broiled fish lunches, and then fly off into outer space.

It is all a tall tale.

Therefore, the only way, in the machinations of my fundamentalist-distorted brain (I grew up in fundamentalism from the day I was born until age 18), that Hell exists, is if God is a devious, sadistic devil who has purposefully created a mountain of evidence that appears to disprove the claims of the Bible…but really doesn’t…all for the purpose of tricking me into going to Hell.

Fundamentalism is hard to shake.


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