Hey Gary, You haven’t read enough Bible Scholars to know what you are talking about

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Gary:  One of the owners of Theology Web has a reputation for using nasty, vicious character assassinations in his debates with atheists and other skeptics.  He doesn’t seem to be the only Christian on Theology Web who uses that tactic…

William (fellow skeptic; participant in my discussions with Christians on Theology Web)

Yea, I can see that.  One thing that sets off alarm bells for me is when you discuss the bible with people and they’ll say that the non-believer doesn’t believe yet because they haven’t read or don’t have a good understanding in the original Greek or Hebrew, or that they haven’t read enough scholars.

I just find these arguments to be smoke and mirrors.

1. Haven’t read enough scholars – this is a silly argument disguised as educated. No one would have all the scholarly works by all the scholars, so no matter how much a non-believer has studied, they can just say, “Well, you haven’t read this one or that one…”

But it also ignores the fact that any religion could claim the same. “Oh, you don’t believe in the Koran?  Well, then you clearly haven’t read enough of the Koran scholars…”

And then of course also it tries to steer attention away from the bible, which has holes, that they try to cover up with scholars.

2. Poor understanding of Hebrew & Greek – They’ll say this so that they can say that the English translation (which was translated by real Hebrew & Greek Scholars) only gives the illusion of a problem, and by asserting that since we’re not ancient language scholars, we’re too ignorant to make a judgment on the bible – which is dumb because they are not scholars of every language for every religion’s root language (like Arabic) so when making such an argument, they’re unwittingly undermining their critiques of the other religions. (If you can’t read, write, and understand the original languages of the Koran or the Hindu Scriptures, you have no right to question the validity of these holy books.)

But these arguments aren’t made by careful thinkers who honestly want to gain more understanding; they are the frantic arguments of those with an agenda.

It doesn’t surprise me that such people would deviate from the topic in order to attack the character of their opponents. It’s one of the reasons I bailed from that site. They’re nearly insane with everything they do and say in order to protect their religious view.


2 thoughts on “Hey Gary, You haven’t read enough Bible Scholars to know what you are talking about

  1. Hi Gary,

    To suggest that one needs to be a Greek and Hebrew scholar to understand the bible is nonsense. There are plenty of translations of the bible made by competent Hebrew and Greek scholars, so the argument of those on the Theology Web casts grave doubt on the competence of the translators.

    Secondly, those on the Theology Web who claim you need to read more scholars to understand don't seem to realise that arguments can be subject to analysis for consistency and for whether the claims are factual or not. It doesn't require an exhaustive reading of all the scholars in the field. Even they have probably not read all the scholars in the field of biblical analysis or in theology so, if what they are arguing is true, they themselves do not really understand.


    John Arthur


  2. You are absolutely correct, John. And like William said, I believe it is a smoke and mirrors trick.

    For instance, if I say, “There is no good evidence for the Resurrection”, Christians will come back and say, “What are you talking about? How do you explain the empty tomb?”

    When I respond that there is no good evidence of an empty tomb, they counter that the majority of scholars believe there is, so I don't know what I am talking about: I need to go read the scholars.

    However, scholarly opinion is considered very weak evidence. And when it comes to the New Testament, the overwhelming majority of scholars for that book are believers in its supernatural claims. They are biased scholars.

    Bottom line: No matter how many scholarly books I read, it will never be enough until I change my mind and accept their position. My goal is to discern truth. Their goal is to confirm their preconceived inerrant beliefs…at all cost.


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