Examining the Confirmed Cases of Resurrection in Human History

the Balance of Evidence

How many confirmed/verified cases of human resurrection have been documented in human history?

Let’s first define resurrection:

A resurrection is not a resuscitation.  In a resuscitation, a human heart may stop beating for a few seconds or even minutes, but then either spontaneously, due to CPR, or due to medical intervention, it resumes to beat.

A resurrection is not a reanimation.  If you’ve watched a Frankenstein movie, you’ve seen a reanimation.  You go out to a cemetery late at night, dig up a freshly dead body, take it back to your lab-OR-a-tory, zap it with some high voltage electricity, (throw in a new brain if desired), and voila…you have a reanimated body.  (“It’s ALIVE!!”)

A resurrection is neither of these things, at least using the definition of that term used by Christian churchmen.  A resurrection is the transformation of a dead, mortal body into a living, immortal, superhuman body; a body capable of performing supernatural acts such as levitating between cities; walking through walls and locked doors; a body that has no need for food or water; has no need for toileting; is impervious to disease, illness, and injury; and most importantly—will never die.

So, how many confirmed/verified cases of human resurrection have been documented in human history? 

Answer:  None!

So when Christians ask us to accept their “evidence” that one man, living two thousand years ago, was the one and only case of resurrection (as even they claim), as an historical fact, how strong of evidence should we demand from them to believe this very extra-ordinary, once-in-history, claim?

Answer:  Very extra-ordinary evidence!!!

Christians don’t like that answer.  Christians cry “foul” every time a skeptic like myself makes the assertion that an extraordinary claim requires extraordinary evidence to be believed.

“That’s not fair!”  They complain.  “You skeptics should not demand more evidence for the claim of Jesus’ resurrection than you would for any other alleged historical event in history!”

So is it unfair?

No.  And here is why.  No reputable historian would ever ask us to believe as historical fact that the god Zeus once lived on Mt. Olympus and indulged in supernatural intrigues with other gods and goddesses.  No reputable historian would ever ask us to believe as historical fact that the Prophet Mohammad flew on a winged horse to heaven.  No reputable historian would ever ask us to believe as historical fact that the Buddha caused a water buffalo to speak in a human language for forty-five minutes.

ancient mythology

Historians do not assert claims of historical fact regarding alleged supernatural events and beings.  Such alleged events are NOT the domain of historians!  They are the domain of theologians and mythologists.

So what is the quality of the evidence presented by Christians for their extra-ordinary historical claim?

The evidence presented by Christians for the alleged supernatural resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth is pathetic to non-existent! 

Christians themselves admit that they have zero witnesses to the actual resurrection itself.  They only claim to have witnesses to the alleged post-death/post-resurrection appearances.  Tens of thousands of people have claimed to see and interact with dead loved ones and friends, shortly after the person’s tragic death, over the course of human history.  Do Christians accept as historical fact these tens of thousands of dead-loved-one appearance claims? 

No, they do not. 

And what about the written evidence?  The anonymous authors of the four first century books from which Christians obtain this story, writing decades after the death of Jesus, in far away lands, don’t even claim to be eyewitnesses themselves of these post-death appearances.  These four anonymous authors simply wrote down oral stories that had been circulating for the previous 35-65 years!

That is not credible evidence for even an ordinary claim, let alone a very extra-ordinary claim!

Face the facts, dear Christians.  The story of the Resurrection of Jesus is a superstitious legend.  It is time to admit the truth and put this holy book in the same section of the library/bookstore as other books of it’s genre:  Historical Fictions and Mythology.

ancient mythology


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