Is Punishing People for Blasphemy Un-American?

Yes, I’ve done it again.  I’m in hot water with the folks who run the Christian website, TheologyWeb, and they have punished me with “banishment” for 30 days.  Here is my notice of punishment:

vBulletin Message  (from Theology Web moderators)

You have been banned for the following reason:
blaphemy and profanity

Date the ban will be lifted: 11-28-2015, 01:00 PM

Act of blasphemy:  Referring to Yahweh as a “moron”: a non-existent, imaginary being who, if he existed, would be incapable of passing a sixth grade science quiz.

Act of profanity:  calling a God-fearing, fundamentalist Christian a “prick” after this child of Yahweh had repeatedly referred to me as a “stupid idiot“.

Gary:  They should really just ban me for life.  Blasphemy?? What is this?  …the sixteenth century?  It isn’t as if I said that their god is a… mother-f%$*@!& son of a ditch!

Are they going to burn me at the stake the next time??

Ban me permanently and just get it over with, you knuckle-dragging Puritans.




18 thoughts on “Is Punishing People for Blasphemy Un-American?

  1. All fundamentalist Christians see anything that disagrees with their ideology as blasphemy and heresy. It's in their nature. But calling their gods names is, well, a bit childish, if not spot on. Ha. The Yahwehs and Allahs of the world are known for their sensitivities and threaten to throw lightning bolts if crossed. But then, you know that already. Keep crossing. And Dog Bless You.


  2. I agree with you 100%. I believe that calling someone's god (or other imaginary friend) names is childish…and stupid.

    It was stupid of me to say that Yahweh is a moron because my objective in my discussion with Christians over on Theology Web was to open their eyes to the non-reality of their superstition-based belief systems, not to piss them off. Insulting someone is not a good way to change minds.

    But I lost my temper. I allowed their name calling of me (“idiot”, “stupid atheist”) to get under my skin, and I attacked back without thinking of the consequences.

    It was a mistake.

    However, that does not justify, in my opinion, punishing anyone for “blasphemy”. This is the same mentality that has caused the deaths of scores of people simply for drawing some cartoons. And a couple of hundred years ago, my comment about Yahweh being a moron would have landed my on a pyre with some self-righteous churchmen setting fire to the wood surrounding my feet.

    Imagine if a conservative Christian were to go onto a Democratic Party online forum ( a forum which allows non-Democrats to participate in the discussions) and posts a comment that Obama is a moron, and gets banished from the site for “blaspheming” the President.

    Conservative Christians would howl “foul”.

    It is my opinion, that in any public forum, if all persons of differing faith and beliefs are allowed to participate in the discussion, the persons owning/moderating the discussion should tolerate criticism and even name calling of their “sacred cows”, regardless if that is a president or a god.

    Punishing non-believers, whom you have allowed into the discussion, for “blasphemy” is un-American, in my opinion. If you don't like your god being criticized and called names, limit your forum to believers and clearly identify that the comments of non-believers are not welcome or allowed.

    Anyone else have an opinion.


  3. Gary, You keep running to Christian blogs to try to refute a God who does not exist. And then you whine about your treatment for dissing their beliefs. You are still wearing your fundamentalist hat because you are liking to score points for being a “martyr.” Score points with who exactly? You run after this persecution intentionally, that's what fundamentalists do. It is a game to you now. Why don't you try a few Muslim sites and do the same thing there? I'm sure they would be much nicer to you and would welcome your comments with open arms. If there is no Christian God there would be nothing to talk about — at least that is what you are saying now. But you keep talking about this God. So I guess He does exist after all. You just hate Him and hate Christians. That's the phoniness you are espousing. If there was no God He would not be in your mind. Your mind would be a complete bland with regard to a Supreme Being. Does a rock think about God? You can't erase Him no matter how hard you try. You will be doing this for the rest of your life. Good luck.


  4. I deny the existence of Yahweh AND Allah. They are both superstitions. I am an ex-fundamentalist Christian speaking out about the evils of my former cult. I will let ex-fundamentalist Muslims speak out about their cult. Do I have it easier than ex-Muslims? Very definitely, but that dilemma is not of my making.

    I am an evangelist for truth…the REAL truth. I am also a cantankerous SOB who loves a good fight, and frequently can be found brawling in the internet mud with some other big-mouth like myself.

    Sue me.


  5. “I deny the existence of Yahweh…” Your key word — “deny.” Good word choice. “Deny” connotes an existence that is simply “denied.”

    “Deny: 1. state that one refuses to admit the truth or existence of.”

    “…but whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 10:33


  6. Yes, a quote straight from the mouth of the loving Jesus.

    “Jesus loves you soooooooo much, but…if you don't love him, he will toss you into a cauldron to fry your ass forever.”

    That isn't love, friend, that is sadism. It is sick. Your belief system is sick. And I deny its reality. It is an ancient tall tale. It is not real. It is no different than the beliefs of other cults. They use “love-bombing” to get you in (“Jesus looooves you”)and then horrific threats of punishment to keep you from leaving (“Deny Jesus and Jesus will burn you alive forever. You had better repent and fast”); the same techniques used in Scientology, in fundamentalist Mormonism…and in all the other cults of the world.

    It is an evil, evil, evil belief system. There is NOTHING good about it. It is sadistic mind control, and I am here for you and anyone else caught up in this cult to help you free yourself from it's clutches.


  7. How do I know that John Doe, or any other person living in the first century AD is dead? Answer: Because there is NO evidence of any human being living longer than a hundred plus years. None. We have no archeological evidence of human beings living hundreds of years, let alone two thousand years.

    Therefore we can safely assume with a very high level of probability that anyone born in the first century has been dead for a very long, long time. Could I be wrong? Sure! But I could be wrong about a lot of superstitions. Maybe there really are fire-breathing dragons. I just haven't seen them.

    Most claims of truth in our lives are based on probabilities of truth, not absolute certainties. If you want to base your life on a very, very, very improbable possibility—-that ONE person living in the first century is still alive, that is your choice. But in my world view, such a belief is illogical and irrational.

    I believe in Reason, Rationality, and Science.

    You believe in Faith—which is the political correct synonym for—belief in the power of Magic.


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