The Trinity is the Invention of Desperate (or Drunk) Churchmen

The same Yahweh who repeatedly told the Jews in the OT that that there is only one god, that he alone is that god, and that he alone is to be worshipped…suddenly decides, in the first century AD, that there are three of him, who are really one with him, not separate from him, yet each can still move around the universe as distinct, separate persons and be in different locations (Christians would never say that the Father was crucified along with Jesus on the cross)…but… Yahweh/Jesus didn’t think it was important to clearly spell out this MASSIVE change in thinking about his “oneness” in his new, and improved testament. He just insinuated it in multiple different passages, in multiple different books, by multiple different authors, and expected the Jews of Jesus’ day to accept it (polytheism dressed up as monotheism) all because Jesus could make good party wine out of some tap water, and other magic tricks??? 

Give me a break!


3 thoughts on “The Trinity is the Invention of Desperate (or Drunk) Churchmen

  1. Hi Gary,

    The Trinity seems one of those dogmas of the church that no-one can really explain and really doesn't make any sense, but the churches require their flocks to believe this nonsense.

    If anyone challenges this dogma,it is highly likely that they will be expelled from the church. Since most of the flock and their ministers/pastors/priests don't wish to be expelled, there is enormous pressure on people to conform and ,at least openly, say nothing or else confess this dogma, while some silently disbelieve for fear of being “put out of fellowship”.

    John Arthur


  2. Or they get tired of having to twist themselves into pretzels to explain this concept to their followers, so they pull out the “it's a mystery” card and that's the end of the discussion.


  3. Hi Gary,

    Yes. Mystery is one of their cards but it usually means that they can't explain this gobbledegook in any rational manner. “Just believe us”, we know best”. So it usually ends up having to believe in nonsensical church interpretatiton and authority, or regaining one's rationality by rejecting any nonsense that cannot be explained.

    Enjoy your day.

    John Arthur


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