Gary, you never were a Christian

Evangelical Christian:  Just admit you never were a Christian and just went to church.

Gary:  Why don’t you just admit that if it were up to you to decide who is and who is not a Christian, the vast majority of people who identify as Christian today will be cast into the pit of Hell when they die, just because they didn’t pray your moronic little Sinner’s Prayer as an adult (or older child who had reached an invented-out-of-thin-air Age of Accountability) and make a “decision for Christ”! In other words, all Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Anglicans, and Lutherans, who all believe that God saved them as infants in their Baptism, will fry like bacon in the fires of Hell as soon as they draw their last breath.

Why don’t you just admit it:  Orthodox/Liturgical Christians are all going to roast on a spit in Hell right next to my (atheist) spit, in your view of Christianity.  These people aren’t real Christians and will suffer unspeakable, horrific eternal consequences for rejecting the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, as taught by you and your flavor of sixteenth century radical Protestantism which originated with foaming-at-the-mouth, wild-eyed Swiss Anabaptists!

You, you, you… pompous, evangelical, twit!

The REAL Christians


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