My Response to Fundamentalist Christians who blame my Disbelief on my lack of knowldege of Christian Apologetics

Here is the truth, the real truth, and nothing but the truth, my fundamentalist Christian friends:

In your world, I am a fool. I haven’t read enough books. I don’t know what I am talking about. I am a laughing stock. I am just a lot of hot air.

But in my world, our roles are reversed. I am seen as the sane one. I am seen as the one who is viewing the world in an educated, rational manner. Consistent with a rational, educated, modern world view, I do not deny the existence of the supernatural, but neither do I live my life according to supernatural claims. There may be a Creator God, but if there is one, his/her/or it’s behavior is compatible with the laws of nature.

 The overwhelming majority of educated, rational people in our society do not believe that invisible gods, ghosts, and other ghouls are secretly running our everyday lives, attempting to penetrate our brains to control us, as fundamentalists like yourself believe as unquestioned fact. Neither does the majority of educated, rational, modern people in our society believe that there is one true religion and that everyone not part of that religion will someday be punished in some manner. This view is seen as a throw-back to the Dark Ages, and is viewed as bigoted, ignorant, idiotic nonsense.

Your fundamentalist views are only held in respect and esteem in your own little world of fundamentalist Christianity. Not only does the overwhelming majority of my world reject your views, but the overwhelming majority of Christians in our culture reject your views as ignorant and bigoted. Laugh all you want, friend, but no matter how many books on the supernatural you read, the overwhelming majority of educated people in our society do not consider the supernatural as a respectable field of study. Even philosophy, the step-sister of religion, is in decline in respectability in our society.

Most educated people in our society today just don’t believe in the powers of ghosts. They just don’t.


2 thoughts on “My Response to Fundamentalist Christians who blame my Disbelief on my lack of knowldege of Christian Apologetics

  1. It seems you think you have come a long way, but you are still whining like a girlie-girl about Christianity. If you are, as you say, over Christianity, then be over it and go write something other than the sheer newbie convert crap you have been writing for over a year.

    None of what you write is new, or even interesting to real atheists. Makes many of us wonder if you actually gave up the Christian faith, or are merely pretending and hedging your bets. Be done with it and quit writing about it, if you have really given it up! Otherwise, you might as well still be a Christian.


  2. I agree with the above comment. For someone who doesn't believe there is a god, you sure do expend a lot of energy talking about he/she/it. AFAIK you're just a “liberal” christian nibbling at atheism. No matter. You're certainly not “over it.”


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