The Doctrines of the Virgin Birth and the Trinity are completely Incompatible

I know it upsets Christians for non-Christians to refer to Jesus as a demi-god, but by definition of that term, that is how Jews and most other non-Christians view the claim that Jesus’ father was a god, and his mother was a human. And demi-gods come a dime a dozen in CLASSIC Greco-Roman mythology. Justin Martyr even refers to this similarity between Christianity and the Greco-Roman religions. One can argue whether or not pagan mythology claimed any virgin births, but you can’t say that pagan mythology did not have demi-gods.

Only Christians believe that Jesus was fully god and fully human at the same time. To non-Christians this is nonsensical gibberish. To non-Christians, the Christian religion claims that a demi-god died on a cross and was resurrected three days later by his all-powerful father. To us this sounds no different than stories of Zeus or Jupiter and their demi-god sons.

And Christian mythology on this subject is actually much more outlandish than the Roman and Greek demi-god myths. Trinitarian Christianity teaches that God came to earth in the form of a man, and in some manner conceived…himself…with the assistance of the uterus and egg of a human woman; a woman he would later call “Mom”.

I’m sorry, but no thinking Jew would buy this story and that is exactly why in the second half of the first century, Jewish authorities banned Jewish Christians from the synagogues. Their ever evolving christology had just become too ridiculous (and blasphemous) to even consider them “Jewish” in any sense.


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