My Evaluation of the Christian Evidence for the Biblcial Exodus from Egypt

No archeological evidence, no commemoration of this devastating Egyptian defeat anywhere in the Near East, multiple anachronisms in the text…and the brain-washed continue to ask us to believe it is an historical fact.

And upon this very, very tenuous “historical” event, Christians ask us to believe that a first century carpenter’s son is the Creator of the Universe and the fulfillment of all these ancient events in Egypt and the Sinai; a peasant who lived a perfect life, died for the transgressions of the entire world, and then three days later, rose from the dead and levitated into outer space…to reign on a great throne, at the fringe of the farthest galaxy, to watch for two thousand years and counting, millions and millions and millions of men, women, and children suffer horrific violence, disease, and death…but do absolutely nothing to stop it. And we are asked to believe that this is reality.

Good grief. This is the 21st century, for Pete’s sake. It is time to abandon such outrageous superstitions.

This entire concocted fiction is the biggest farce ever foisted on the human race! It is ignorant, superstitious nonsense! Use your educated brains and accept the obvious: It’s just a fable. A silly, silly , superstitious fable.


One thought on “My Evaluation of the Christian Evidence for the Biblcial Exodus from Egypt

  1. This is the 21st century? So what? We will look pretty backward in 2 or 3 hundred years when people say 'Good grief, This is the 23rd century' or whatever century it is. Think you know it all Gary? You know nothing. You just think you do.


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