Should this Blog Shut Down?

My domain carrier is sending me a bill to renew my ownership of “”, the web address of this blog. I’m not sure I’m going to renew it.  Maybe this blog has run its course.

Initially, this was a blog to spread the word of confessional Lutheran Christianity.  In June, 2014, the purpose of the blog changed dramatically:  This blog became a medium to spread the word of the falseness of conservative Christianity and the non-reality of all supernatural-based beliefs. 

However, another important purpose of this blog, which began at the same time, was what I call “deprogramming my brain from fundamentalist/conservative Christianity”.  If you grew up believing that God will fry your ass, forever, in a Lake of Fire, if you refuse to believe in and obey Jesus, it takes awhile to get over that fear.

I think I’m over it.

But how do you, my readers, feel about this?  Is it time to end?  Let me know.

Update:  I renewed my account with my blog’s hosting company for another year, today, Oct 12, 2015.  So you are stuck with me for at least another year.

FYI:  If you find this blog has helped in your deconversion from orthodox/conservative Christianity, or you are thinking about deconverting and using this blog to help you reach a decision, leave a comment once in a while under a post you find helpful.  It just might help someone else (including me) struggling with their own indoctrination/brain-washing by this ancient cult.


17 thoughts on “Should this Blog Shut Down?

  1. Even though we disagree on a lot you say on this blog I appreciate you sharing your honest thoughts. I believe it is healthy to get the thoughts and ideas out of our heads and onto a page. If this blog has helped you do that then it served its purpose. I've blogged for almost ten years now and it still helps to get my ideas out and on the web.


  2. Even if you don't add to it anymore what you wrote in the past is too interesting to let it disappear.
    To avoid cost transfer to a free blog.
    Whatever you decide: A sincere thank you for everything I learnt here


  3. I completely understand.

    I was lucky. My wife never was a big church goer. It was me that pushed her to go to church with me. She is actually very happy with my current beliefs.

    I look at your situation as similar to my situation with my children regarding Santa Claus: I don't believe in Santa Claus but if it makes my children happy that I PRETEND to believe in Santa Claus, I am more than willing to feign belief in their superstition.

    Peace and happiness to you, my friend.


  4. Would you consider migrating your blog to a WordPress blog for free hosting Gary? Or you could do so at Blogger too. Change your url to whatever you'd like now but you'd still have this record to keep for your archives. Zoe


  5. I agree with many about moving to free hosting. I think your blog (as well as others) serve a great purpose for those who are doubting. It is good to know you're not crazy, you're not alone. There are so many out there that still need to know the truth.


  6. Thanks, Alice. The hosting fee is not that much so if I decide it is of benefit to my readers to continue, I will pay it.

    Thanks again! Nice to hear from you.


  7. I think this information definitely needs to remain available to future “seekers”. I'm an ex-Mormon who is now married to a committed Evangelical, and I'm now beginning to see that the Bible is as ridiculous as the Book of Mormon. I found this website because I was wondering if other denominations are experiencing as much disaffection by their membership as the Mormon church is currently experiencing. I think information like this needs to be made as accessible as possible to people seeking the truth about religious dogma.


  8. Hi and thank you very much for your comment.

    The Internet is sending tremors through all superstition-based religions. I posted an article recently written by an ultra-orthodox Jew. He says the same thing is happening in fundamentalist Judaism that is happening in Mormonism and conservative Protestantism: The Internet is bringing the light of reason and science right to the indoctrinated (brainwashed) believer's fingertips.

    In the past if a layperson wanted to verify/question the validity of his pastor/priest/elder/rabbi/or mullah's teachings, he or she had to go out and read a stack of books. Now you can do a five minute google search while sipping your morning coffee and get the same information.

    The Internet is killing Religion.


  9. Fundamentalist Christian on Theology Web who read my above comment:

    I am sure you have no idea how you just shot your claims in the foot. IF People on the internet are reaching out to the likes of your blog to find the “light” with the multiple times you have had to back track, refuse to read books, admit to being hilariously wrong on basics in addition to all the times you show yourself utterly clueless of the issue but won;t admit to being


    the issue even if people were abandoning faith anywhere near as you have dreams they are (No polls show any significant growth among agnostics and atheists -especially not out side the error range – just on the level of connection to established churches which is an entirely other matter) would be they are being fed incomplete , faulty ,suspect nonsense the like that you have demonstrated you are capable of and willing to feed the public (except your site gets such low traffic it cannot claim any status at all).

    I do admit that online atheists are rabid to the point of controlling some areas where you would think they are the majority. Christians have been entirely too easy going in not pushing back but to your chagrin and bitter complaining in several places not only here but elsewhere they are beginning to be direct in rebuking your senseless babble.

    Dark days are ahead for you I fear. Look even on this site and you have failed to put anything convincing. You continue to do one thing chiefly -blast the supernatural as senseless but when you are challenged to come up with a non supernatural way the universe began – you have no answer and flee quickly into your make believe world that one day in the great by and by science will have a naturalistic answer for a first cause where it shall be found that “nature just done did it” ere derrr without a cause but err derr totally ummm cough cough naturally.

    on the science front things are not looking as peachy either. QM is presenting a reality that is nowhere near as hostile to the supernatural as you would claim, all the studies at naturalistic abiogeneiss are coming up empty and things like epigenetics is showing some hard o explain design features. Your whole shtick relies on claiming the miraculous nature of things in the Bible are unbelievable base don your materialistc worldview but QM and many other sciences has that worldview in a state of flux.

    Meanwhile the failure of your skeptic of the bible side keeps mounting. David monarchy which was a certainty not to exists errr is now known to have existed – oops, Kadesh has signs of inhabitance which you claim did not exist – oops. a few more finds of that nature and you are toast. stick around for those days and we will add the jam 🙂


  10. Hi Gary,

    Please don't close the content in this website down. If you don't wish to repay the fee, why not explore the possibility of moving the content of your website onto a free wordpress site?

    The content of your current website is very valuable for people examining the absurdities of Fundamentalist Christianity or those seeking to move from Fundamentalism to some other view.


    John Arthur


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