Proving the Existence of a Creator does little to confirm the Claims of Christianity

Christians spend a lot of time and energy trying to prove the existence of a Creator, but all this effort does nothing to prove the Christian claim that Yahweh-Jesus is that Creator. Most skeptics such as myself agree that there IS evidence suggesting a Creator…or Creators. But many Christians seem to assume that if they can give enough evidence for a Creator, it is just a short hop, skip, and jump from this evidence to claiming that Jesus of Nazareth is the Creator and the all-knowing, all-powerful Ruler of the universe.

When I confront Christians with this reality, their typical response is that the Resurrection of Jesus proves that he is God the Creator. But the evidence for the Resurrection is very, very weak. If the evidence for this alleged event were even mediocre, it would be listed as a “probable” historical event in college world history text books. But it isn’t. If mentioned at all, it is mentioned as an “alleged” event in the theology of one religious group.   The evidence put forward by Christians for the Resurrection is just down right pathetic.  For instance, even if one accepts as historical an empty tomb, there are many more probable explanations for an empty tomb other than a supernatural act of an invisible ancient Hebrew god.

So Christians can continue to expend a lot of energy proving the existence of a Creator/Creators, but they really should be spending their time and energy coming up with better evidence for the Resurrection.

 I would also recommend Christians spend more time and energy finding archeological evidence to support some of the alleged events in history which Jesus himself refers to in the Gospels as if they were real historical events, such as the Exodus, Moses, the Wandering in the Sinai, and the Conquest. All archeologists and historians (other than Christian and Jewish fundamentalists) now say that these stories are fiction. There is no evidence for them. That means Jesus made a mistake. That means Jesus is not Yahweh. That means that Jesus was not the Creator. That means that Christianity is false.

Proving the existence of a Creator does NOT help the Christian case.


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