Reviewing James Hoffmeier’s, "Israel in Egypt": Part 2

A review of the preface of the book:

Here are the statements by Dr. Hoffmeier in the preface of “Israel in Egypt” that stood out to me:

“I will challenge the premise that the absence of archaeological evidence can prove what did and did not happen in Bible history.”

“One of the glaring weaknesses of much of the recent literature that has questioned the historicity of the biblical records is that it has lacked serious investigation of Egyptian historical and archaeological material.”

“It goes without saying, as Gamel has reminded us, that there is no known direct evidence for Israel’s presence in the Nile Delta during the second millennium.  It is my contention and the purpose of this book, that in the absence of direct archaeological or historical evidence, one can make a case for the plausibility of the Biblical reports based on the supporting evidence.”

Gary:  Wow!  Dr. Hoffmeier admits that there is zero archeological and historical evidence for the Biblical Exodus story, and goes on to state that the purpose of his research is to prove to us that the Exodus story is “plausible”!


So Dr. Hoffmeier is going to prove to us that the biblical story of a large group of Hebrew slaves making a mad dash out of Egypt, defeating the Egyptian army at the Red or Reed Sea, and then wandering for forty years in the Sinai is plausible?? 

I would be a rich man if I had a dollar for every time that a Christian apologist has told me that there is evidence for this supernatural-based biblical story, and that if I want to see this evidence, I should read the books of Dr. James Hoffmeier, a respected Egyptologist, who has that evidence.  However, the fact is, that Dr. Hoffmeier emphatically states in the preface of his book, that no such evidence exists

Shocking.  Absolutely shocking.


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