Why didn’t ancient Hebrews leave any trace in North America or in the Sinai?

The Golden Plates of Moroni

The Book of Mormon claims that ancient Hebrews came to North America and used horses. Archeology has not found one trace of ancient Hebrews anywhere in North America nor have they found any fossil evidence of horses in North America prior to the arrival of the Spanish. When presented with this lack of archeological evidence for their claims, Mormons do one of two things:

1. They reinterpret the meaning of the words used in the BOM. For instance, they say that “horse” doesn’t really mean “horse” as we know it today. Etc..
2. They smugly respond: “The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. The evidence for the ancient Hebrews and their horses lie somewhere in the soil of North America. It just hasn’t been found yet.”

Sound familiar?

Two to three million ancient Hebrews allegedly walked in circles in the Sinai for forty years…but there is zero archeological evidence that they were ever there. 



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