Why doesn’t Anyone know the Date of Jesus’ Death?

Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt
date of death:  August 12, 30 BC

Known dates of death of famous people in Antiquity:

King Josiah:  609 BC
Nebuchadnezzar:  562 BC
Cyrus of Persia:  December 4, 530 BC
Alexander the Great:  June, 323 BC
Julius Caesar:  March 15, 44 BC
Mark Anthony:  August 1, 30 BC
Cleopatra:  August 12, 30 BC
Herod the Great:  4 BC
Caiaphas the High Priest:  36 AD
Pontius Pilate:  39 AD
Philo of Alexandria:  50 AD
Josephus:  100 AD

Jesus of Nazareth:  30-33 AD ? (We think…maybe)


God himself, in human form, is publically executed for high treason by the personal decree of the Roman prefect of Judea, three days later his tomb is found empty along with multiple claims of post-resurrection appearances, accompanied by earthquakes, sightings of angels, a three hour eclipse, the tearing down the middle of the Temple veil, and, scores of dead people roaming the streets of a major city…and no one remembers the exact date of this event???

Give me a break.

Now, I’m not saying that the lack of knowledge regarding Jesus’ date of death proves that he didn’t exist, but to me it proves, without a doubt, that we do NOT have any eyewitness testimony of the life and death of this man. 

The stories about Jesus in the Gospels are stories passed down by word of mouth, over many years, to be later written down by people who had never met Jesus.  (They never mention even one physical characteristic of Jesus, for Pete’s sake!)  These four stories are not eyewitness testimony nor can anyone credibly claim that they are even accurate second hand testimony.  They are embellished stories about a man who (most probably) lived and died in first century Palestine.

If the Gospels were really eyewitness accounts, the Church would know the exact date of the death of the most important human being who ever lived. 

But they don’t, do they?


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