How did the Authors of the Gospels know Jesus ancestry to Adam, but couldn’t remember the Year he Died?

Large chart lineage of Abraham

Isn’t it really, really odd?

We have two of the authors of the Gospels tracing Jesus ancestry, one back to David, and one all the way back to Adam…but neither one of them seemed to know the date of the most important event in human history:  the crucifixion, death, and resurrection of God himself!

How do we know that these two (conflicting) accounts of Jesus davidic ancestry are correct?  Who living in first century Palestine could have done the research to confirm that Jesus was a descendant of David, and especially, of Adam?  Just where were these ancestry records kept?  (Remember, the Mormon Church didn’t exist at the time.)  So how does anyone know that these two genealogies are nothing more than the invention of the authors who wrote them?

Here are some other odd missing facts about Jesus that one would think would be included in any book written about him:

—the year of Jesus’ birth.
—the appearance of Jesus.

Isn’t it odd that not one of the “eyewitnesses” who allegedly wrote the Gospels give any description of the appearance of Jesus?  Was he tall or short?  Was he thin or overweight?  Was he good-looking or homely?  Was he muscular or wimpy-looking?  Nope.  Nothing.  Not one word about the appearance, physical features of Jesus, God-come-down-to-earth for one very special visit.

Isn’t it obvious, folks?  None of the writers of the New Testament had ever met Jesus.  They were writing down stories that they had heard from others (or that they made up themselves).  The Gospels are NOT eyewitness testimony by any stretch of the imagination.  We cannot depend on these ancient stories to establish historical facts about the deeds of a man named Jesus.

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