What do Jehovah’s Witness Missionaries and Conservative Christian New Testament Scholars have in Common?

Every couple of months I get a visit to my front door by the Jehovah’s Witnesses, often accompanied by their young children. Nice, but pushy people. When I open the door one of the first things they try to get me to do is take some of their Watch Tower literature. They hand it to me while they keep talking. I refuse to put out my hand and take it. Why? Answer: I refuse to give any respectability to their superstitious nonsense. After refusing to take their propaganda, I cut them off in mid-sentence and say this: “Shame on you for teaching these little children this superstitious silliness. Hey kids, this stuff isn’t true. It is all a lie. Don’t believe it. When you grow up, go to a public university and learn about the real world and true reality. What your parents are teaching you is science fiction and scary fairy tales. It isn’t true.”

The JW’s quickly leave my house.

And that is how I believe people should react to anyone peddling supernatural/superstitious beliefs: Refuse to read their literature. Refuse to read their “scholars”. Refuse to read even one sentence of their supernatural, nonsensical propaganda.

I respect true scholarship. If someone chooses to become a scholar of ancient texts to understand how ancient people thought and how that belief affected human history, that is a worthwhile endeavor. But when a scholar of one of these ancient texts begins to endorse and try to justify belief in the supernatural claims of that ancient text they have ceased being a scholar and have become a religious cultist. Such “scholars” should be laughed out the door of every center of higher education in western civilization. They should be given the same level of respect that I give to the Jehovah’s Witness missionaries who come to my door on Saturday mornings.


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