My Thoughts on the Visit of Pope Francis to the United States

What a wonderful human being!

If someone were to ask me what my first thought is when I think of Pope Francis, the “Vicar of Christ”, leader and head pastor of the world’s one billion plus Roman Catholic Christians, that would be it:  What a wonderful human being!

Humble, giving, compassionate, forgiving…what isn’t there to admire about the man?

But behind my good feelings about the current Roman Catholic pope are some unsettling thoughts, such as, “Why would such a conservative group of Catholic cardinals, the same group who only a few years earlier had elected the very conservative Cardinal Ratzinger as Pope Benedict, vote into office such an unabashed liberal as Cardinal Bergoglio from the slums of Buenos Aires??

Did the Catholic Church have a sudden change of heart on social issues?  Was the Church going to start allowing women into the priesthood?  Accept gay relationships as moral equals to heterosexual relationships?  Abandon opposition to contraception?  If not, why elect such a liberal cardinal to be pope?

Here is my guess as to why:  To change the subject.

What was the major topic of conversation regarding the Catholic Church prior to the election of Pope Francis?  Answer:  child abuse.  Massive, rampant child abuse.  I can’t prove it but I will bet the pink slip to my car that part of Pope Benedict’s decision to resign was the cancer of child abuse eating away at the very soul of the Catholic Church.  Had Cardinal Ratzinger looked the other way when priests under his authority were found abusing children?  Imagine the scandal if charges had been brought against a sitting pope for aiding and abetting child abuse!

But now, in 2015, when the topic of the Catholic Church comes up, what is the most likely subject?  Child abuse?  No.  It’s the amazing, humble, compassionate, forgiving pope from Buenos Aires.

I think the ol’ cardinals were very shrewd.  Put a bleeding-heart liberal in the chair of St. Peter…while making sure that all he can do is talk the liberal line, but unable to really change a damn thing. 

How many bishops of the Catholic Church have been removed by Pope Francis for turning a blind eye to pedophile priests in their archdiocese?

Not one.


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