Why do Moderate Christians, who do not believe in Inerrancy, still believe in the Resurrection of a Dead Man?

Greek myth:  one-eyed Cyclops

Moderate Christian on Theology Web:

I haven’t said that there are no contradictions in the New Testament.


Great. So we are agreed: the Bible is no different than any other man-made book. It contains errors. Therefore to separate fact, error, and fiction, one must look at the evidence for each and every claim of fact stated in the book with the same level of scrutiny that we would use to examine the veracity of any other book from ancient history.

In Homer’s Oddessy, his claim that the Greeks attacked the city of Troy, can be confirmed as true with evidence for the Greek-Trojan wars, but we do not find evidence for one-eyed Cyclops. And since we have never found evidence of any Cyclops, one or two eyed, in all of human history, we assign Homer’s use of a Cyclops in his story to fiction/myth.

Similarly, when the anonymous authors of the Gospels talk about the Roman occupation of Palestine, the existence of cities such as Jerusalem and Antioch in the first century AD, we can find ample evidence to support these anonymous authors’ claims on these points. However, when they talk about a three-day-brain-dead god/man being resurrected by an ancient Hebrew deity into a transformed superhero-like, immortal body; a transformed, immortal body which eventually flies off into outer space, we can be similarly assured that we are dealing with fiction/myth.

Christian myth:  space-levitating, broiled-fish eating,
re-animated, dead Jewish preacher


6 thoughts on “Why do Moderate Christians, who do not believe in Inerrancy, still believe in the Resurrection of a Dead Man?

  1. Good question and a very fair one at that. I don't know why anyone who thinks the bible is wrong, contains errors and/or contradictions would trust any other part of it at all. I certainly wouldn't, if I believed it had any errors/contradictions etc I would not accept any of it since if it could be wrong in one place it can be wrong in others and you'd be left with nothing but a gamble where that may or may not be. For this reason I hold to Inerrancy. It all comes down to how you define errors and/or contradictions when reading the bible and how you read the text and how the text was intended to be read etc. There are no errors and no contradictions in the bible. Resist Gary, resist the urge to reply to this with all your might! I know it will be difficult but you can do it.


  2. When you actually engage the topic, and I am interested in what you have to say, I am happy to respond.

    I agree with you completely. Moderates who allow for errors in the Bible are shooting orthodox/conservative Christianity in the foot. The best defense against the onslaught of skeptics like myself is the following:

    “The infallible God says in his Word that his Word is perfect and without error, therefore, I choose to believe God and reject the skepticism of all fallible men.”

    And when a skeptic like me criticizes that statement as circular reasoning, the best response is this: “You do not see the truth because Satan has blinded you to the truth. If you would believe in the God of the Bible, he would then reveal the truth to you and you would see just how false and ridiculous your skepticism of the Bible really is.”

    When the skeptic, such as myself, then asks you for proof that a devil has control of my brain, blinding me to the truth, you should respond: “The Bible, the inerrant Word of God, says so.”

    When s skeptic, such as myself, then says that you are using a circular argument again, remind him that he only sees it as a circular argument because Satan has blinded him to the truth. If he would finally end his arrogant rebellion against God, repent of his sins and believe in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, the real truth would be revealed to him.

    Inerrancy is an impenetrable defense and the best hope for the survival of conservative/orthodox Christianity.


  3. Lol.


    The King has no clothes! The King has no clothes!

    The ministers all panicked and retorted – You are wrong! The King is wearing the best linen in the entire world!

    “K.” The kid saith, and went home with the rest of the crowd after they're done laughing.

    End of story.

    (alternate ending: the ministers have guards round the people up and burn them at the stake, then go to the next town to parade the naked King)

    p.s. I know which ending you prefer.


  4. That's pretty much my mental image of hell. Or at best the waiting room / lobby for hell? Whatever it is I don't like it and I don't see how anyone could listen to that trash.


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