Did Five Hundred Witnesses really see a Resurrected Jesus?

“It must be Jesus!”

Dear Christians:  If you read (three) of the Gospels, the resurrected Jesus appears to his disciples in specific locations (in the Upper Room, on a seashore), talks to them, shows them his wounds, and even eats a broiled fish lunch with them.  In Acts, Jesus appears to Saul of Tarsus as a talking, bright light on the Damascus Road.  So what are the details about Jesus’ appearance to the “five hundred”?  The truth is, we have zero details regarding this appearance. Zero.

Where did it happen?
When did it happen?
How did it happen
To whom did it happen?

Did Jesus appear in the flesh to the 500 or did he just appear as a bright light as he did to Paul? Did the bright light talk as it did to Paul or was there only a light?

We have many accounts in history where large groups of believers (in particular, Roman Catholic believers), all in one place and at the same time, have seen the Virgin Mary, angels, saints, etc. So just because 500 believers in the first century saw a bright light or other image that they believed to be Jesus should we believe as historical fact that they really did SEE a reanimated dead body??

Do we have ANY testimony from these five hundred people? No.
Do we have ANY description of what Jesus said, did, or looked like in this appearance? No.

If someone told you today, that someone had told them, that several years ago, a green Martian with antennaes on his little head had appeared to 500 un-named people, all at once, and in the same place, and that if you wanted to verify this, you could take a trip to the Middle East to verify it because most of these witnesses are still alive (but some are dead), would you believe this story based on this very, very flimsy evidence???

I don’t think so. So why do you believe the 2,000 year old Five Hundred Witnesses story??

Answer: Because you so very much want to.

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Is that you, Jesus?

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