Why did a Just, All-Knowing God create Human Beings?


Dear Mr./Ms. conservative Christian, do you believe that any child has ever had the choice to choose good, to not sin, and therefore has been able to escape the punishment and suffering imposed by Original Sin?

Conservative Christian:

No.  It is inevitable.


Why is it that it is inevitable that every child will choose to sin? Why is it that no human has, is, or will ever, be sinless?

Conservative Christian:  

I’m not going to discuss this subject with you anymore.


Ok, I’ll answer my own question as I would have when I was a conservative Christian:

Christian Gary: Yes, all humans are stained with original sin due to the disobedience of our first two ancestors.

Agnostic Gary: So all the massive suffering that humans have experienced for the entire history of our existence is due to this one act of disobedience? Children are tortured, raped, and murdered everyday, and they have been tortured, raped, and murdered every day on this planet, for thousands of years, ever since that fateful day in a garden in Mesopotamia when our ancient ancestors ate some of God’s forbidden fruit. Is that just? Is that the behavior of a “good” being?

Christian Gary: It may not seem fair to us, but God knows best. His ways are not our ways. His ways can be hard to understand at times, but He is good, just, and merciful. He loves us.

Agnostic Gary: Ok, so our ancestors ate some of God’s fruit and because of that he cursed us with disease, war, famine, pain, and death. In addition, when we die, we are damned to eternal punishment.

Christian Gary: Yes, that is true. It may not seem fair, but it is the will of a just and righteous God.

Agnostic Gary: And the anecdote for this curse is what?

Christian Gary: Each individual person must recognize that he is a sinner, bound for Hell due to his sins and original sin, repent of his sins, and believe in the crucified and resurrected Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

Agnostic Gary: So the only way to avoid punishment for our ancient ancestors’ forbidden fruit eating is a human sacrifice?? Isn’t that primitive, Bronze Age, barbaric thinking?

Christian Gary: No that is the will of an all-knowing, just and loving God!

Agnostic Gary: So let me get this straight: An all-knowing, perfect God created the universe and human beings. Shortly after doing so, he caught the first humans eating his forbidden fruit and put a curse on them; a horrific pain and suffering in this life and in the after-life….forever??? Does one act of eating forbidden fruit really merit eternal punishment, and even more, does one act of eating forbidden fruit by your ancient ancestors merit you suffering horrible pain in this life and damnation of some kind in the next…forever??

Christian Gary: Yes.

Agnostic Gary: Roughly what percentage of mankind is going to end up in Hell suffering some type of eternal “damnation”?

Christian Gary: The overwhelming majority. “Narrow is the road to eternal life and few there are…”

Agnostic Gary: So if all human beings are going to experience pain and suffering in this life and the overwhelming majority of God’s created beings, human beings, are going to suffer eternal damnation in Hell, why on earth did an all-knowing God create us to begin with?

Christian Gary: God’s ways are not our ways.

Agnostic Gary: That is utter nonsense. It is a cop-out. Just admit that if this story is true, your god is cruel, vindictive, and immoral.

Christian Gary: There is no morality outside of God.

Agnostic Gary: So your god defines what is and isn’t moral? Therefore there is no such thing as “absolute morality”, there is only conditional morality: What is “good” and “moral” is whatever your god deems to be good and moral at the time. That is situational/conditional morality!

Christian Gary: No it isn’t.

Agnostic Gary: It most certainly is! The behavior of your god is evil and immoral by the behavior standards of every society in western civilization today. If he were the leader of a modern country we would try and convict him for crimes against humanity. Your god is evil incarnate.

Christian Gary: How dare you blaspheme your Creator. He is your maker. He can do with you whatever He chooses. Repent, you filthy atheist!

Agnostic Gary: So you admit that the “goodness” of your god is based solely on the belief that “might makes right”! He is the most powerful being in the universe so he can do whatever he pleases. If he exists, that may be true, but let’s at least be honest and call him what he really is: a brutal, vindictive Monster. If your god were good, just, and merciful as he claims, HE NEVER WOULD HAVE MADE HUMAN BEINGS TO BEGIN WITH. If he could see into the future and see even ONE little boy or girl be brutally tortured, raped, and murdered, he should not have made a single human being. To have done so, and known what would lie ahead for all mankind, is the most evil act ever committed against the human race.


One thought on “Why did a Just, All-Knowing God create Human Beings?

  1. Apply the same reasoning to evolution, evolution had no cause or reason to create. Evolution is cruel, mean and brutal since it is merciless when eradicating the weakest of the species. Evolution can do whatever it desires and might DOES make right in evolution. Yet you have no problem accepting this from evolution, you gladly accept this vile, evil, brutal, merciless evolution with open arms since it is science! Once again the hypocrisy is massive. Replace “evolution” with “man” and it's the same thing.

    The only time you're unwilling to accept this “might makes right” is when it is speaking of the Christian God since you simply do not like Him. Evolution demands no morality, mankind demands no morality, the God of the Bible demands morality. It is this demand you have issues with. You dare criticize a Holy God yet remain silent when it comes to the planned parenthood slaughtering of children in the name of your god “science” and/or “humanism”.


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