A Just and Perfect God would not condone Slavery


2 thoughts on “A Just and Perfect God would not condone Slavery

  1. You know, I find it hard to believe you ever read the bible before you became a Christian. Most of this stuff is stuff that was beaten to death decades ago and yet you stumble upon it as if it is a recent discovery. I stand by my belief that you were never a Christian to begin with, you were in love with the beauty and Germanic history of the Lutheran Church and the Liturgy but you were not in love with Christ.

    Looking back at your posts you made while you were still a “believer” they're pretty much Liturgy, Arguing and debating to show how brilliant you are, German history and appreciation and romanticizing of “Church” and very little of Christ. You would argue for Lutheranism and Liturgy and how often the Sacrament was taken at your beautiful old historic church building but nothing about Christ. Your recent posts since deconverting show how little you actually knew about Christ and Christianity. You merely left a building owned by the LCMS and you left a liturgical service. You couldn't leave Christ because you were never with Him.

    Even as a “Christian” it was all about how brilliant, smart and intellectual Gary is. You would go looking to convert people to your way of thinking. Not a thing has changed other than you have a new God. Your view of your new God is no different than your view of your old God. As long as you are able to come off looking smart, wise and intellectually superior then you have found the God for you. Once you fail to seem smart then there is something wrong with your God and you need to find a new one. In other-words, you are your own God, you just haven't figured it out yet.


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