Would a Perfect, All-Knowing God have Created this Mess of a Universe?

Dear evangelical Christian:

You don’t find it odd that a perfect, all-knowing God did not make sure that his message of salvation was so clear and so simple that the massive confusion that exists today on this issue could have been avoided? You seem very confident in your position on God’s message of salvation, but the Baptist, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, and Lutheran are all confident of their positions too, and are also very confident that you are wrong. Five hundred years ago, some of these groups of “fellow” Christians would have burned you at the stake for believing your “heretical” position on this all important divine message.

Again, I ask: Which is more likely, that a perfect, all-knowing God sent this message, or, a bunch of fallible men invented this message, not due to lying, but due to being very sincerely, very devoutly…mistaken.

See, this was what eventually caused me to abandon my Christian faith: It isn’t just the weak evidence for the Resurrection, which we have been discussing for the last several weeks. It is multiple, multiple problems with the Bible and the Christian message. If you condense down the Christian story to the basic facts, you see just how ridiculous it really is. Here is the condensed story of orthodox/traditional Christianity that believes in original sin:

A perfect, eternal God, who had existed without a beginning, one day decided to create a universe and little creatures that looked like him. We can only guess why a perfect God who lacked nothing felt a desire to create. However, if Christians are correct, he did. So a perfect God, who can do no wrong and is incapable of making mistakes, made a universe and human beings, who chose, by their own free will, to not be perfect and to eat from God’s forbidden fruit tree. How does something that is perfect choose to be imperfect??? Anyway, God was furious with the free will decision of his originally perfect little mini-hims, so he punished them by cursing them with hard work, disease, war, rape, violence, murder, and death…and eternal punishment in the afterlife for those who do not repent.

Then this God felt sorry for the little creatures which he had made, which he had made KNOWING that they would choose to be imperfect, KNOWING that he would punish them with rape, child abuse, murder, and eternal damnation, so he sent himself, disguised as a man, to earth to undergo a human sacrifice, to appease the righteous anger…of himself.

So God goes to earth with the message of redemption/salvation from the horrific punishment that he has imposed on mankind for their ancestors’ forbidden-fruit-eating, but instead of going to Rome, or Athens, or Alexandria where he could share this message with the most people, he chooses to go to the backwaters of the Roman Empire, to the backwaters of a backwater nation of that empire: Galilee in Palestine. He spends approximately 30 of those years working in a furniture store, NOT spreading the message of salvation, but only starts his ministry in his 30’s, and then only spends approximately three years preaching his message of salvation, in one small geographic area…preaching in riddles so that even his own closest followers have no idea what he is talking about.

Finally, he enters the capital Jerusalem riding on two donkeys, upsets the Jewish authorities and the Romans, and gets himself crucified, again, to appease the righteous anger of…himself.

Three days later, he resurrects himself from a tomb, but instead of allowing a large crowd to witness the reanimation of his bloated, decomposing corpse, he performs this fantastic miracle in complete secret, and appears to 500 or so of his own followers…and one Pharisee. He never appears to a group of Romans or non-believing Jews. God does this because he doesn’t want to be too obvious. He only wants those who really, really seek him to find him…kind of like the children’s game, Hide and Seek. I guess it isn’t any fun for God if he were to make his message of salvation so plain, simple, and obvious to all that everyone could believe.

Then, one day, eight days, or forty days later, God decides its time to go back to heaven, but he performs one last fantastic miracle. A miracle that if witnessed in Jerusalem, or Rome, or Alexandria, would be absolute proof of his divinity: he levitates into outer space. But once again, God doesn’t want to be too obvious. He only does this magic act in front of his closest followers out on a mountain top.

And for the last 2,000 years, God has been sitting on his throne, on the edge of the universe, watching every day as young children, women, and men are brutally tortured and murdered; starved to death, or die of terrible, painful diseases, and he justifies this suffering because our ancestors ate his fruit.

This is nonsense folks. Open your eyes.

The loving God casting another
descendent of forbidden-fruit-eaters
into Hell


One thought on “Would a Perfect, All-Knowing God have Created this Mess of a Universe?

  1. Why did you have children Gary? Could not you have been perfectly happy without them? Why would you want to bring children into a world of evil and suffering? Why would you want to bring them into a world where you know there is a chance they could suffer greatly and die a horribly excruciating death? Why bring them into a world where you know absolutely for a fact that they will die one day, they WILL experience pain, loss, grief, depression, sadness, loneliness, evil, all to be followed by a sure death which could happen at any moment. Doesn't the fact that you did all of this make you just as horrific as the God you have ridiculed in your above entry? Hypocrisy is biter, drink slowly.


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