Why are Modern Christians attempting to Whitewash the Horrific Ancient Christian Teaching of a Literal Hell?

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This man will writhe in horrific agony forever just because his ancient ancestors ate some of God’s forbidden fruit…if western orthodox Christianity is true.  Modern Christians can try to white wash the doctrine of Hell, but all one has to do is read the writings of the early church fathers and you will see that no one at that time believed that Hell was simply an eternity of feeling “ashamed” or a lonely sensation of being separated from God.

Either the earliest Christians got Jesus’ message about the afterlife wrong or the majority of modern Christians are simply deceiving themselves in reading the Bible as they would LIKE it to read and not how the authors’ intended it to be understood.

“[The martyrs] despised all the torments of this world, redeeming themselves from eternal punishment by the suffering of a single hour…. For they kept before their view escape from that fire which is eternal and will never be quenched.” (Martyrdom of Polycarp, c. 135)

“We believe…that every man will suffer punishment in eternal fire according to the merits of his deed. … Sensation remains to all who have ever lived, and eternal punishment is laid up.” (Justin Martyr, c. 160)

“To the unbelieving and despisers…there will be anger and wrath, tribulation and anguish. At the end, everlasting fire will possess such men.” (Theophilus, c. 180) “Eternal fire is prepared for sinners. The Lord has plainly declared this and the rest of the Scriptures demonstrate it.” (Irenaeus, c. 180)


One thought on “Why are Modern Christians attempting to Whitewash the Horrific Ancient Christian Teaching of a Literal Hell?

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